I’m not looking for a large amount of clients -

Just a few select clients I can take really good care of.



When working full time for a large coaching company, I was at one point personally responsible for coaching 80+ clients at a time. Ugh. All day on the phone was not for me. I grew tired of picking up the phone, coaching, clicking “end call and answer," and coaching, over and over again. That was not what I wanted for my clients or myself.

It felt like the puppy mill of coaching. 

I believe in serving each client at the highest level

which includes: being prepared for my sessions, reading over the previous session’s notes, re-familiarizing myself with that client’s goals and desired outcomes, reading the client’s prep form and gathering resources in advance, preparing questions, and most importantly, being in peak state myself!

Can I do that with 80+ clients? (Sure, I caaaan.)

Better questions…

Do I want to? (not long term)

What will the cost of that be over time? (burnout, and not as much free time as I would like)

Does that fit with my overall vision of my life? (No. And how can I tell my clients to live their best life if I'm not doing the same?)

What would fit with my overall vision of my life? What would be the ideal coaching environment for my clients and me? (hmmm…)

And my vision was born.

My vision was to have fewer people to take care of and inserting myself into their life. A random check-in they weren’t expecting. Offering better accountability by tracking their commitments and deadlines. Treating them warmly, like family, versus cold and at an arm’s length. Bringing my best self to each and every call. Letting them know they had a cheerleader…albeit a very sassy cheerleader with a southern accent that doesn’t mind calling them on their BS. And being accessible for quick questions between sessions.

So here I am, at your service.


You will significantly speed up the pace of success with a coach versus without one.

  • Coaching offers accountability, honest and direct feedback, and keeps you forward-paced.
  • A great coach will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear…and will do so without judgement.
  • Coaching more than pays for itself. Most studies cite 500-700% ROI. Please don't take my word for it. Go to "The Google" and look for yourself.
  • How coaching works...

When you come to coaching you have a mindset, which includes your beliefs about what's possible and the quality of your ideas. That mindset leads you to take action. Your actions lead to outcomes. Your outcomes reinforce your mindset. To change your outcome you must change your mindset. You didn't learn how to do the thing you do for work all by yourself. You had some help. Someone taught you. Why would you try to change your mindset on your own?


Yes, I'm certified and have been in the coaching arena since 2011. In addition to having the skills and tools to coach, I have experience - thousands of coaching sessions under my belt. That experience makes a huge difference.

Certified Coach

Certified, Strategic Intervention

Certified DISC Practitioner

Certified Motivators Practitioner

Thousands of Coaching Sessions Logged


I spent over 20 years managing and marketing shopping centers.

I loved working in the shopping center industry. It allowed me to touch all aspects of operations: budgets and reforesting, marketing, leasing, accounting, capital improvements, construction, development, maintenance, housekeeping, security, and customer service.

I understand being laser-focused on the bottom line. I was ready to make a different kind of impact - one that would reach individuals and make their lives better all around, not just the bottom line. 


A Christian, wife, step-Mom, sister, golfer, reader, cyclist, runner, National Parks lover, martial artist, dog lover, coffee drinker, and super hero movie fan.