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This step-by-step process will guide you through reverse-engineering the meaningful life you've been craving.
You'll get our life dashboard template and 1 simple task to do each day for 14 days. All you need is 15 minutes a day and the desire to transform your life so that it reflects your highest priorities.

This challenge makes creating a vision tidier than Marie Kondo's sock drawer.

From the outside looking in you are crushing it. You own a successful business or have a great job.

Sometimes you feel unsure of what your next move should be.

  • You may feel disillusioned: "Why bother? If I work hard enough to be as successful as I want, I know the cost to my personal life will be too high."
  • Maybe you feel stuck. Your work is no longer a challenge and the thrill is gone.
  • Perhaps you are fearful. You want the next next level but are unsure if you can make it.
  • And don't forget overwhelm - too much to do and not enough time to do it all. Where should you focus?

    Achievers often feel unsettled. There's always more. Success is fleeting. Today's achievement becomes tomorrow's old news. The thrill comes and goes quickly. It puts them in a never-ending loop of "I'm not fulfilled where I am but I don't know if I want to reach for the next thing or what that thing is."

You need to plan the big picture - create your personal strategic plan.

Join our 14-Day Challenge to write your Personal Strategic Plan.

You'll get a free tool we call the Life Dashboard to create the big picture and break it down step-by-step into manageable projects and action plans. A short video each day will walk you through that day's assignment. 

Invest about 15 minutes a day and by the end of the challenge you'll have a clear picture of what you're working towards and a road map to create a life that reflects your highest priorities.

Accept the Challenge

I DARE YOU! Spend 15 minutes a day for 14 days to go from "someday" to "on it" creating your bigger, even more fabulous life.

Starting to notice that life isn't all you wanted or expected?

Most of us spend more time planning vacations than our lives.

Maybe you set some random goals but you're just going through the motions and none of it seems to tie together. 

Maybe you love to plan but sometimes get lost in the details, get off track, get overwhelmed, or don't know how to break it all down.

You don't have to spend 40 bucks to be in the "overachievers" club just to get some clunky binder to write your goals in.

You need a place to record your "one day" big goals, plot your big moves, and break it down into manageable steps. Our 14-Day Challenge guides you through the process.

Use the 14-Day Challenge and Dashboard to dare to dream, create your action plan and spring into action like your favorite superhero.

[Cape sold separately.]

Go from "someday" to "on it" so you can live the life you want. Soon you'll hear others saying "Oh, I wish I could do that."

No woo-woo. YOUR goals. YOUR why. YOUR plans. All in one place.

Life is hard enough, but with a game plan it's easier.

That's the big secret - you set goals. Long range, milestones, short term.

The Dashboard allows you to be disciplined but is also flexible. It's fully customizable and easy to edit. Change category headings if you want to. Take as much or as little space to write as you need. Measure progress as you go. Use whatever calendar you prefer with it - paper or electronic - to schedule your action items.

This is a giant homework assignment and one that you owe it to yourself to take on.

Note: This Dashboard is set up as a Google Sheet. You will need a Google account to access it. The beauty is you can access it anywhere, anytime, from any device with an internet connection. And it's free

Get the Challenge and Dashboard in 3 easy steps:

  1. Type in your name and email address.
  2. Click "GET STARTED."
  3. Click "Make a Copy" when prompted in Google Sheets

You are off to the freaking races!

Lose the BS excuses and get to work. Then you can sit back and marvel at your awesomeness.

Dare to dream, create your action plan and spring into action like your favorite superhero.

[Cape sold separately.]


  • Simple format
  • Easy, ready-to-use template
  • Fully customizable



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