My name is Stacie Vokaty and I help professionals become better leaders.

I do what I do because I love it and find it richly rewarding. 

As a young professional I was curious and hungry for success. I wanted to make a massive impact at work.

The problem was some things needed to change and I didn't know how to make those changes happen.

I asked lots of questions but no one around me was able to give me solid answers. 


Frustrated yet eager to make an impact, I turned to books to learn about business, marketing and self development.

I became an avid reader. I even got teased by friends because I would have a personal development book in my hand by the pool while they were reading trashy novels. They would ask "Don't you ever read for fun?" "This IS fun" I thought!

I learned so much and was passionate about my work but I still struggled.

I understood the concepts I was reading about and was full of ideas. But it felt like another world - one far far away from the day-to-day life I experienced in the office every day.

It was time to ask for help.

I got my first coach and it made all the difference in the world. That's when my career really started coming together for me.

Still, I wanted more.

I wanted to be a leader.

I felt like I was playing small.

I got great results for the projects I was in charge of but I still didn’t feel like I had that certain something that inspired people.

How will I ever get people to listen to my ideas? What would make them want to follow my lead?

I invested almost two hundred thousand dollars in seminars, coaching, online classes and personal development. I learned from and was mentored by some of the best coaches and thought leaders on the planet. 

While I had learned valuable information, what I needed was INFLUENCE!



I knew I had great ideas and passion, but it wasn't enough.


I needed to be able to influence people before I could  lead them. 

Learning more about business and marketing strategies and coming up with new ideas couldn't come at the expense of gaining influence.

I decided to put my nose to the grindstone and gain influence by working really hard.

I worked late

I worked weekends

I worked holidays

I networked

I attended industry events

I earned more certifications

It helped

I got promotions, raises and awards. But I still had a long way to go before I could be considered a respected leader. AND I was losing some of my passion along the way.

I lived this pattern for YEARS until I realized something important.

It hit me hard.

I finally realized there was ONE THING I didn't have.

...And it was the ONLY thing preventing me from becoming the leader I wanted to be.

The ONE THING I needed to have influence and be the leader I wanted to be...was EXECUTIVE PRESENCE.

...But the thought of having "executive presence" sounded...hard.

As an up and coming professional it felt daunting to step up in a new way and “appear” different to my colleagues. 

It looked impossible to make changes at a deep level that would effect how I did things every day. 

Me…the leader…every day? The example?

I felt a sense of urgency to step up because I had had enough of the old me who was still playing small.

I had a choice to make:


  1. Settle. Fall in and stay on my current path knowing I would be dissatisfied and regret it.
  2. Step up. Master executive presence to become the leader I was born to be.

I chose to step up.

Diligently I enhanced my executive presence and leadership skills. I gained tremendous influence and respect in my industry and community.

Then I had another choice to make:


Do I use what I've learned to advance my current career?


Do I lead by coaching others?

The choice was clear.

I followed my heart and never looked back

  • I got certified as a life coach through the International Coach Academy.

  • I got certified through the Robbins-Madanes Training Center for Strategic Intervention.

  • I gained experience coaching clients through the top coaching company in the world.

  • My vast experience with the world's top coaches, business minds and thought leaders resulted in overwhelming client satisfaction that earned me an award for excellent quality in coaching.

In a few short years I've helped hundreds of clients advance their mastery of executive presence and leadership skills.

By developing their executive presence and leadership skills, my clients...

  • Are more confident in their role as a leader.
  • Present themselves well to prospective employers and get their dream jobs.
  • Advance their careers faster.
  • Are chosen for additional leadership training within their companies.
  • Focus on important tasks with a high rate of return.
  • Inspire those around them.

Most importantly, they have BECOME leaders at work, at home, and in their communities.

Let me ask you a question...

Do you want to wake up each morning and realize you’re excited to go to work?
Do you want the satisfaction of knowing you make a huge impact on your organization and your leadership has had ripple effects you never even thought of?
Do you want to have to pinch yourself to see if your amazing life is real?

Are you ready to get real traction in your career?

Start by diving into my free training on the 5 Shifts to Advance Your Executive Presence and Rise to the Top


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