We're the Personal Evolution Company.

We help Individuals EXCEL

& Teams DELIVER Impressive Outcomes

so Businesses STAND OUT and PULL AHEAD of the Pack.




From training and development

to coaching and mentoring...


We'll transform your staff

into a high-performing team.

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We'll Help You...

 Reduce performance-robbing tension among team members

so you get the grade-A talent you hired.


 Dial-in your message delivery

so your message lands the way you want it to and individuals better relate to you.


 Get your team going the extra mile that really moves the needle

with enhanced leadership effectiveness.

 Decrease team burn-out

with improved Emotional Intelligence.


 Re-engage team members

so you all stand out and excel.


 Match each person's innate strengths to the right job

so they shine effortlessly.


 Get your valuable point of view heard and understood

with adept communication agility.

Here's How...



Take the guess-work out of the equation.


Get a tangible, measurable description of where things stand so you can set new targets, adapt, and improve.



Suit your learning preference.


Curriculum and resources

For individuals

Self-paced, pre-recorded e-courses

And for teams

Virtual or live, customized to help your group remove the stumbling blocks to optimal performance.

Coaching & Mentoring


Refine your goals, and clear what blocks you from achieving them.


You have lofty goals (and you know how to achieve them), but sometimes life gets in the way.


Your coach will hold you accountable so you reach YOUR next level of success.


What clients are saying...

Bill Malone

Owner, Cafe Diem

Stacie has been super in helping me communicate with my key managers.

She took us on a deep dive into the communication patterns and key drivers of my team. We talked through how to more effectively communicate goals and mission objectives. I made several changes to my leadership style and the team is now more focused than ever.

Her insights changed the game for the leadership of this company.

Christopher Wick

Founder, SMMI International

Since working with Stacie I have gone from two properties to three, two companies to three, and increased my net worth 28.5%.

More importantly, I have massively improved my work/life harmony, kept my body in great shape, traveled all over the world for business and leisure, and married my soul mate. All while continuing to give back in small and big ways.

The 4 PERSONALITY TYPES & Exactly How to