What We Do:



Take the guess-work out of the equation.


Get a tangible, measurable description of where things stand so you can set new targets, adapt, and improve.



Suit your learning preference.


Curriculum and resources

For individuals

Self-paced, pre-recorded e-courses

And for teams

Virtual or live, customized to help your group remove the stumbling blocks to optimal performance.

Coaching & Mentoring


Refine your goals, and clear what blocks you from achieving them.


You have lofty goals (and you know how to achieve them), but sometimes life gets in the way.


Your coach will hold you accountable so you reach YOUR next level of success.


Not ready for the whole enchilada?

Try one of these bite-sized methods of working with us.


eCourses & Coaching

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Two Weeks From Now...

You Could Be Using Your Strengths to Get the Absolute MOST From Life.


This introductory coaching package will help you identify your intrinsic behavior style so you can fine-tune where needed, and uplevel your success.

► Boost performance and GET BETTER RESULTS.

► Be an even bigger STANDOUT in your work environment.

► WIN INFLUENCE with those around you and EXCEL amongst their ranks.



*Includes a coaching component.

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Increase Productivity with your Team,

While Decreasing Conflict, so you get the HIGH PERFORMANCE You've Been Wishing For.


This e-course will help you identify anyone's communication style and instantly adapt...so you can go further, faster.

► Tap into the absolute best your teammates have to offer.

► Move results forward, without being a hardass.

► Maximize everyone's natural behavior patterns so they (and you) shine, almost effortlessly.



Ready to build a rockstar culture?

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Strategize Your Toughest HR Challenges

with a Seasoned Pro

Whether you own your own business, you're the VP of Human Resources for a large company, or you're studying for your SPHR/SHRM-SCP/SCC certifications, it's helpful to have someone to help you think through the unique scenarios that entrepreneurs and HR professionals face.

What you need is a strategic HR partner.

Luckily, you found one. And you can put him on speed-dial.

► HR Strategy

► Talent & Performance Management

► Cultural & Organizational Effectiveness

► Integrating Laws into today's ever-changing landscape

► and much more.

Think differently about HR.

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Transform People Like the World's Elite Coaches

Without Spending Thousands of Hours or Dollars Getting Certified.



This e-course will help you create permanent transformation within yourself, and those you lead. 

►Attract, develop, and keep talent.

► Inspire your team to WANT to step up and hold themselves to a higher standard.

► Balance personal responsibility for results with patience to "guide" your team to higher levels of performance without micromanagement.


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