How to Make Sure You Hit Your 2023 Goals

Manifesting starts NOW!

It's the ideal time to set your sights on next year.


Let's face it - The holidays get super-busy. And it starts with Thanksgiving.

...Big meals



...Wrapping presents


...More big meals

Followed by...

...Taking the decorations down

...Putting away all your awesome gifts and/or making returns

Then New Year's.

...More parties/meals/celebrations.


And somewhere in this mess your'e supposed to set...

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When to Drop the Hustle

It's easy to get confused about what to "GO FOR" next. Can you relate?

I've spent the last year doing less and being more. It has felt a little odd. Ok, more like totally out of my skin if I'm being honest. 

I am used to a fast pace; always having the next "thing" in sight. That's what all the self-help gurus tell you, right? Always have a compelling future. Before you complete one goal, know what the next goal is so you don't fall into a state of being "down." And...

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Caring About Your Looks is Shallow...or Is It?

Today I'd like to introduce you to someone. 

She is a knowledgeable fitness coach with 9 years of experience. She placed in the top 1% nationally in Crossfit during her 7 years of competition. She has trained with the best Olympic-level weightlifting coaches and world-class Powerlifting coaches in her quest to perfect her benchpress, back squat, and deadlift. She is CrossFit Level 2 certified and has achieved Red III in the Level Method system. (She used to be a part-owner in a...

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Is it time to ZOOM IN? or ZOOM OUT?

Sometimes it's overwhelming to think about the enormity of the project in front of you. 

Making ALL one's dreams come true in a single big swoop is almost sure to make a person dizzy with all the things that have to happen to create the picture she has in her mind. Talk about easily getting sidetracked into things you don't have to worry about today...or even next month!

Yet, if you don't have that big picture perspective lucid in mind, you could waste valuable...

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What Life Will You Create This Year?

I know...

THE most popular goal-setting day of the year is here! And an achiever like you knows the drill in how to set a goal. After all, this isn't your first rodeo!


But do you sometimes feel like you are OVER this "set new goals" thing?

Does the mere thought of creating a long list of things to do make you want to roll your eyes?

I admit, sometimes I feel that way. When I look at individual goals for the sake of creating goals, it feels like a chore.

So...if you're in that boat...

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How to Build Your Ultimate Work Team

A group of people working on something at the same time does not automatically make them a team.

So it begs the question: 

Should you build teams around people you are naturally compatible with so you can all get along?

Or is there a benefit to hiring diversity in behavioral styles? If so, is the tradeoff worth it?

After all, you want high performance, not high maintenance. Amirite?

On the surface, it appears one would be best-served hiring people who are...

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Maximizing the team you have today

I'm always searching for ways to serve my readers.


And one of the things I hear is that you need help figuring out how to maximize the resources you have - namely, your team.


AND you need a way to do it that's effective, yet quick and easy to implement.




I got to work and put together this guide that outlines the four main personality types and a quick-reference sheet that reveals how to lead by personality style.



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The Message I Was Born to Deliver

I could hardly sleep last night!


I have some exciting news to share with you.


GO FOR IT: Screw Self Doubt and Do Your Thing is now available for pre-order 

Pre-Order Your Copy on Amazon


I’m just curious -


Have you ever wanted to #GoForIt, but self-doubt slowed you down or stopped you altogether?


If yes, this may be the most important book you ever read. Here’s why: 


Once you ignore all of the voices that say 


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How to Give Specific, Constructive Feedback at Work

The mere thought of giving someone feedback on their work performance can cause even a seasoned manager to pause. It's not always a pleasant conversation.

While giving feedback certainly applies to people and their work performance, it also applies to projects, events, products, and more. It best serves you to be prepared to weigh in with your comments in a respectful, productive, and accurate way.

Here's a simple framework you can use any time

I call it the feedback sandwich.  In a...

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Does SUCCESS Feel the Way You Thought it Would?

Sometimes, I'm shocked at how often success doesn't feel the way people thought it would...


Even though they got all the things they said they wanted...

...the house.

...the car.

...the title.

...the corner office.


Does this sound familiar?


You've lived your whole life driven. Achieving. Making sacrifices. And you've climbed the ladder.


Yet, over a coffee with a friend, you share that something is missing. Something is "off."


You find yourself in a...

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