Being a Martyr for Work is a Choice

So much talk about work-life balance/harmony/integration/management/blend.

Your business (career) doesn't have to come at the expense of your family, or self, or health, or other relationships and interests.

Being a martyr for work is a choice. You can CHOOSE any aspect of your life at any given time.

As a mall marketing director (10 years of my life!), I worked holidays and at least half my weekends. Four days off a month never seemed like enough! Because it wasn't.

When I was promoted to mall manager (11+ years), I DECIDED I would work 9-5, Monday - Friday, right form the get-go. I CHOSE to establish habits and boundaries that left me open to having a life outside of work...even though I loved my work.

So from the beginning, as a general rule, I packed up at 5:00 and left. I went home or out. And I didn't even have a family at home at the time. I did have interests and hobbies I pursued. Or just R&R. Fitness became an integral, non-negotiable part of my life too.

And I managed to do all that when I had more responsibility than ever. And I was happier than ever before, too.

Of course there were seasons when I had to work harder, or longer hours. But I didn't do that all the time as a general rule or way of life.

I would have never even thought that was possible until I set the bar there and went for it. And low and worked! Other mall managers worked 60+ hours a week. "Doing what?" was my reaction when my boss told me that. He laughed and said "I don't know."

Obviously, it wasn't needle-moving stuff. My mall, by the way, had some of the best stats in the company. More time doesn't necessarily mean better results. I understood the priorities and acted accordingly.

What I'm saying is you can set boundaries (AKA rules) for yourself and stick to them.

And if you think you couldn't possibly do that...imagine a doctor telling you your life literally depended on it...could you find a way? Of course you could.

So, my friend. What's stopping you? Are you avoiding something outside work? Think you HAVE to work every night? I call BS and challenge you to imagine a different life. One that allows you to thrive at work AND life.

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.