Change: The Problem Isn't "Out There"

Have you ever had a result you wanted to create in your life and you thought "If only this person would do this..." or "If only this person would not do that...then I could create this result?"

As soon as we think the problem is "out there" THAT is the problem!

In his classic best seller "7 Habits of Highly Effective People," Stephen Covey tells us in the very first habit to "Be Proactive."

In a nutshell this means you are responsible for the results you get in life.

We get results based on decisions we've made and the actions we've taken.

This is great news!

If you are are also response - able.

You can change the decisions you make or actions you take at any time, which will create a different result. If you still don't have the result you want, keep changing your decisions and actions until you do get the desired result.

The key is to look within yourself.

Ask yourself great questions like "What can I do to move this project forward?" "What can I do differently to get the result I want?"


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