Credentials, Please

Has there been a time when you wanted to #GoForIt but didn't feel like you were ready?

Maybe even want to take a leap of faith toward your dream don't feel worthy of it just yet?

Perhaps you've even thought - it's okay to want it and okay to go after it, but getting it? That's for other people right now. Me get that? Do that? Be that? One day.

I have good new and bad news - which is really just more good news.

The good news is: you don't really need the credentials you think you need. The bad news? YOU have been the one holding you back all along...which is good news because YOU can change that, stat!

Understand me when I say...

There is no set of prerequisites you must have that make you worthy of your goals. You are worthy because you exist. That is all that's required to be worthy.

Can you imagine getting to your big moment and being stopped at the guard gate and asked for your worthiness credentials? "I"m sorry, we can't let you in without proper worthiness documentation." 

That's not gonna happen!

[Unless you applied for a brain surgeon license or something similar.]

Want to write a book? Write one! 

Want to travel? Do it!

Want to rock a pair of skinny jeans? #GoForIt

Want to run a marathon? Register.

Want to be a speaker? Ask.

Want a raise? Request it.

Might you find it useful to hone skills that would help you on your journey? Sure! But that has nothing to do with your WORTHINESS. 


To get the end result you desire, you are more than likely going to need to take action you don't feel READY for. The bigger the goal, the more likely that is true.

You'll never truly be "ready." Take action anyway. Jump in. Take the leap.

One day is unlikely to happen as long as you think of it as "one day" out in the future. The future is today. The future is N:OW.

When is N:OW a good time to go after what you want? 

You're worthy N:OW. So take action N:OW.

If you feel totally ready it may be a sign you're not taking action far enough outside your comfort zone to really get you anywhere new and exciting. Totally a personal preference.

Perhaps you're a slow and steady kind of person. As long as you're making progress...Great!  

But if you want results yesterday, fall fast and far outside your comfort zone, and often. This is how fast, exponential growth happens. 

Bottom line is this:

You are already worthy. So take action.

You'll never be fully "ready." So take action now. 

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.

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