Fall Balance: Decide


Welcome to the Fall Balance Series. It's designed to bring you more work-life balance in the next 30-60 days. 

I LOVE all things fall and I hear so many of you say the same thing. Yet sometimes we get to the end of the fall season and we realize we never got around to doing the things we were so excited about. It leaves us saying "Next year I'll...(do that thing I wanted to do)."

This can show up in any area of your life.

Fall is a great time of year. It's post summer. People are back from summer vacations and kids are back in school. People are more focused in the fall. They're back to work so to speak. It's pre-holiday. We're not scattered and distracted by the holidays just yet. 

This is the perfect time of year to start that project at work or make significant progress on one. It's the perfect time to have "that" conversation with a co-worker that you've been putting off. Maybe there's a class you want to register for that will help you in your work or home life. 

There are a lot of things you could be doing at this time of the year.

When I think of fall I think of pumpkins on the front porch. Maybe you want to go pick out some pumpkins for your front porch or even carve one with your family. Perhaps it's dragging your sweaters and boots out of storage and making them accessible. Is it time to go away for the weekend and experience the beautiful weather - the crisp air, the break from the hot summer weather - and take in the fall leaves?

What can happen is that we get to the end of the season and say "I can't believe I let it slip by me again. I don't know how that happened. Time just flew by." It's because we're not as intentional and deliberate with our time as we could be.

I have a challenge for you:

  1. DECIDE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT. Choose at least one area of your life and decide what you want in that area in the next 30 - 60 days. What do you want to do this fall? Experience? Learn? Live? Accomplish?  Once you decide...
  2. SCHEDULE IT. Pull out your calendar and schedule time for it, even if it's just the first couple of steps. What gets scheduled gets done. Do this now. Whatever you want more of...STOP what you are doing and pull out your calendar and look for a block of time to start working on it.

There is power in N:OW. 

Get going. Get the first couple of action items on your calendar. This will give you momentum.

If your want to go see the Biltmore one weekend, pull up their website and see what kind of room packages they have. Get with your significant other and see what his/her schedule is like. When could you go?

If there's a class you want to take, look into it online or make a call. What would it take to get registered? 

Been thinking of hiring a coach? Schedule a call.

Pick up the phone and schedule that uncomfortable call with a coworker.

Set some guidelines for the project you want to do.

Don't let this fall get away from you. It's a refreshing time of year. Take a look at what's important to you and schedule some time to take action.

What do you need to get on the books that would allow you to look back at this fall and know it was successful by your definition?

This is part 1 of 5 in the Fall Balance Series. If you want to get the whole series at an accelerated pace and not miss an episode... GREAT! Do it HERE.


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