Had Enough Yet?

Are you at the edge? Have you had enough?

It's a good place to be, you know - the edge of enough, that is. Because when you've truly had enough - you're ripe for change. 

If you still want to hang on...

If you feel like you can take it a little longer...

If the cost is still too great to make a change...

If the old is still better than the unknown or the new...

Well then... you're just not ready.

You can SAY you want something. You can think it would be NICE to have something...but the truth is you're not yet willing to do whatever it takes to get it. After all, you're either doing the work to get what you want or you're not.

I have no judgement in whether or not you're doing the work. You are where you are on the journey. 

But Stacie - staring at the edge of enough - is like staring into the abyss. IDK what awaits me there.

To that I say: When you're truly ready - you'll jump anyway. That's the nature of achievement.

Scared? Doesn't matter.

Doubtful? Doesn't matter?

Risk involved? Doesn't matter.

When the pain of NOT changing is greater than the pain of changing - you'll jump into the abyss head first.

What I'm curious about is...

What have you been tolerating?

(one of my favorite questions on my coaching questionnaire for new clients)

Feeling overwhelmed?

Too many requests for your time, attention, and energy?

Not having the body you want?

Working too many hours?

Not liking how you're showing up as a parent? spouse? family member? or friend?

Tight finances?

Being taken for granted?

A mountain of laundry?

A burned out light bulb?

Working for someone else when you know you want to spread your wings and fly on your own?

A business that is barely getting by?

Dedicating your work hours to a role that, to do it well, requires you to rely on your weaknesses rather than your strengths? Causing undue stress?

Whatever it is that YOU are currently tolerating...what will it take for you to get to the edge of enough? 

How many days do you need to complain of feeling overwhelmed before you're willing to do something about it?

What will it take for you to say "no" to non-priority requests?

What will it take for you to set boundaries and stick to them?

What will it take for you to take the leap of faith?

I know it can be scary, but dear and beautiful soul...What will it cost you to stay where you are? What are you giving up by NOT doing the thing you're scared to do?

I push and I prod because - I know there is so much more available to you.

Before you're actually ready to take the leap - there is a period of time where you think about it. You wonder about it. Even when you push it down or away, it creeps back up into your thoughts from time to time. Oh - there it is...again. Hhmmm.

Maybe you say "one day." Maybe you say "it's not the right time" or "I couldn't possibly." Yet it shows up over and over. That's a hint from your soul saying "listen."

If you want to push yourself into yes, create some friction and get leverage. And believe me - your emotions are far more powerful than your logic in this arena. Yet - we so often try to pry our way into our dreams with logic. Feel free to sprinkle a little bit of logic in at the end to push yourself over, sure! But it's your emotions that get you 95% of the way there.

Think of making the decision to #GoForIt as a sliding scale. "No" to the far left and "Yes, right freakin' now" to the far right. The "no" left is total hell. The "yes" right is total heaven. 

You can allow either side, and preferably both sides, to propel you forward. 

Speaking of the left / no / hell side of things...go on a rant about it, Allow the negativity to flare. Rant about how wrong it is. Be indignant about it. This is usually a good place to begin. It can get you going. But it won't get you all the way home to the heaven side of things consistently, long term.

So then, consider the right / yes / heaven side of things. And allow the beauty of that to seep in. Gush on and on about it. Fully imagine it and step into it as if it's already a reality. Allow yourself to experience that emotionally. Over and over again. Often. Speak of it in the present tense. This is what takes it home. This is what will keep you going. 

And now you can sprinkle in some logic, too. This is where it belongs. Using it before now will only trick you and muddy the water for you, likely keeping you stuck. Even when your logic is right.

This is how you DECIDE enough is enough. This is how you put an end to tolerating what which you no longer wish to tolerate.

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #LiveDeliberately.


Founder, Personal Evolution Co.