Moment With Mom: She Anticipated My Needs

Mom was always bringing me things I liked…even though I didn’t ask for them.

Usually it was something I didn’t know I wanted until after she gave it to me; stuff I wouldn’t have purchased on my own at the time. For example, a matching set of cereal bowls and coffee cups, a trivet for the kitchen counter, a wreath for the front door. She was thoughtful that way.

It’s as if she could see around corners.
She could see into the future and anticipate my needs.
What if we did that with our clients/customers? Work teams/boss? Spouse? Kids? What if we were “thoughtful” of the ones who need us most?
Instead of starting your week or day just handling whatever comes up - putting out fires - what if you deliberately set an intention for being your best and highest self when and where needed the most?
Those who do that, consistently, are happier, more successful, and more fulfilled than people who don’t.
When we focus our attention outward to others, we are more likely to step up to the plate than when doing tasks strictly for ourselves.
Five-Minute action steps:
  • Who in your work life most needs you to anticipate his or her needs this week? (That is not a rhetorical question.)
  • Who in your personal life most needs you to be thoughtful this week? (Neither is this one.)
This week’s message is simple:
Identify the two people from the questions above and make time to show up as your best self for those people. Once you have identified them, pull out your calendar and schedule it right now. Literally!
Commit to a time when you will take action and step up for him or her.

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