Moments With Mom: "You're Ambitious."

“You have more ambition in your little finger than she will ever have.”
That was Mom’s response when she heard me comparing myself to someone else.
Me. Ambitious?
“You could be in management one day if you want to."
We often don’t see what we have in ourselves.
We’re too close. Sometimes it takes someone we love and respect to point things out to us. 
Mom saw leadership potential in me. It opened the door for me to see myself as leader.
Ideas like that are like outfits. You can try it on (in your mind’s eye) and see how it fits.
“Yes. I like this one. I’ll take it.” Or “no thanks, I don’t care for this one.”
I have assumed many leadership roles over the years - in my career, non-profit organizations, civic organizations, etc. It feels natural. I never doubted my ability to lead. To do so would feel absurd. 
I saw myself in that type of role because Mom painted that picture for me early on as a little girl. 
We can all rise to a higher level if we have the ambition (drive, determination, enterprise, initiative, eagerness, motivation, resolve, enthusiasm, zeal, hunger, commitment, sense of purpose) to do so. 
What’s magical about ambition is it doesn’t matter your starting point.
You just have to want something different. And maybe obsess about it a little bit. 
If I said to you “You have more than enough ambition in your little finger to have/do/be whatever you want,” what would you want?
Assume you have what it takes to get there or else the dream wouldn’t be in your heart.
If you have a dream you want to make reality, and you have the drive to get there, I’d love to hear about it.  Email me at [email protected] and tell me about it. 

This post is part 2 of a series Moments With Mom honoring my Mom who lost her battle with cancer earlier this year.

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