Why you should suspend your disbelief

I took a film appreciation class is college. I thought how cool is it that I can get college credit for watching movies??? (Don't tell my Dad 😆)

I didn't really care for the movies we had to watch (no Tom Cruise involved) but I did walk away with a key phrase: "suspension of disbelief."

Any good movie-goer knows: to really get into a story that, if we're being honest, would NEVER really happen, you must have a suspension of disbelief. That, and have POPCORN! 🍿.

You must put logic to the side.

You have to take what you "know" to be true, impossible, and highly unlikely, and put it on the shelf for a brief period of time and get into the story at hand.

Well then...

How cool would it be to suspend your disbelief in your PERFECT 10 DREAM LIFE long enough to sit back and enjoy the thought of it? To soak in how it would feel to have it? To come to expect it? To appreciate it as if it's already happened? 

To get into the story at hand?

Very cool indeed!

The brain doesn't know the difference in your imagination and what's true.

The brain already has suspension of disbelief installed!

If you envision it long enough and often enough, your brain will believe it and keep your radar up for opportunities that match what you've told it you want.

We tell ourselves stories anyway! You know the ones. Stories that talk about how bad things are, why something will never work, how we're not good enough. Those are stories, too. And the brain eventually believes them. Until they become truth.


Sit for a spell. Put your disbelief in your dream life on the shelf. And think about what IS possible. Watch the movie play in your head. Allow what is fantasy today become tomorrow's reality.

Today is the day to #GoForIt.

Live Deliberately!