Shattering Your Own Glass Ceiling

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I have successfully blown my life up again. Ha! That's what it looks like from the outside.

And I don't mean to be flippant about it. But I do this over and over...this starting over thing. Although this time I'm not really starting over.

How many times have I taken a step back so I could take several steps forward AND be happier?

In my 20's I did it with my career. I took a traveling sales job out of college that I ended up not liking (I was quite miserable, actually) so I quit and took a lesser job that made me happy. I did a great job (because I was happy) so opportunities presented themselves. I found a way to work my way up the food chain so I didn't stay back for long. 

I worked my way from that traveling sales job I didn't like back to my college town to work in a sign shop, then at a printer, before landing my first mall marketing job. I somehow managed to talk them into hiring an art major for marketing director job. 😲🤔 Hey - it's not like that small community was flooded with qualified applicants! I WAS the most qualified. I became the youngest mall marketing director in the state. I liked my job and what I did.

And I blew my life up yet again in the name of happiness. I say blew my life up because that's what it looks like from the outside. It seems to defy logic to so willingly give up something so good to chase the unknown.

I prefer to call it shattering my own glass ceiling. 

I quit the mall, got married and helped my marital-arts-instructor-first-husband to open a gym. Looooong days and months without a single day off. Hey - work ethic has never been a problem for me! When we could finally afford them, employees were such a luxury!

When we split I went back on the road in sales. Again, I don't like to travel and do sales constantly. Home on the weekend to wash clothes and repack. Just not my thang. Though I was thankful to have a job since I had walked out with $250 in my pocket and a 20 year-old mattress. True story! Yet another life "blow-up."

"Boom" again when I went back into mall marketing. This time I fulfilled a life-long dream of living at the beach. Ceiling shattered again. My door was literally 50 yards from a sand dune! Every evening and weekend was like a vacation. It did not get old like my mother said it would.

I quickly and made a name for myself again gaining recognition and peer respect. After all, I was happy.

I moved again, a promotion. Only a small explosion here. Opened a mall as a marketing director. Wow, that was a lot of work! My work ethic pulled me through again. I knew it would. It's just who I am. 

Another  small explosion with another move and another promotion. Went over to the management side of the house this time, AKA "the dark side" to marketing directors. 😆 And really loved it! The crazy hours and holiday/weekend work came to an end. "Normal" office hours were appreciated. Happy. Happy. Happy. I started having a life! Friends. Golf. Vacations. FUN!! Another level shattered.

Married and divorced again. What a disaster. 😩 Big boom emotionally and financially. But I was older and wiser this time and had the upper hand. Could have been worse. More limits shattered. I settled back into my happy place, doing what I was good at, in a very. comfortable. life.

Here's where things really start taking off.

Always focused on the future... I Decided to pursue my ULTIMATE career passion - what I had always wanted to do - coaching. The journey started with certifications, practice coaching, getting professional coaching myself, and big-name guru events. And reading - always lots of reading since my 20's. TONS of personal development. "big break." I made the cut to "try out" for a coaching position at a giant, well-known coaching firm. THAT's quite a story in and of itself. Three months and so many hours I lost count later, feeling hazed and dazed, I was in.

I started part-time four years ago. This was in addition to my full time mall management position. A position I was quite comfortable in. But if you're one to read between the lines "comfortable" also meant bored, at least to a degree. While every day held variety (I never knew what would be coming through the door of the mall office - crazy stuff at times), it wasn't very challenging and didn't give me the opportunity to grow and stretch like I wanted. I loved my team and the company I worked with. It was never about being unhappy there.

However, this new role as a coach gave me so much of what I wanted. New things to learn. Challenges. It felt uncomfortable at first but oh-so-right at the same time. Honestly, I was doing the thing I had always wanted to do, believed I was built to do, and even felt CALLED to do. That was checking off my boxes pretty good! Not to mention it felt good to be on the team with the "best of the best." AND our team leader had a way of making us feel 10 feet tall and bullet proof. 

So I blew up a really good life...again.

Really tall glass ceiling...SHATTERED.

And left the place that gave me certainty, variety, significance, connection and contribution...for the place that could give me all that at even higher levels plus growth. It was really hard to leave my 11-year team I thought of as family and step into something relatively unknown. But...I couldn't not. Many talks with God were telling me to #GoForIt. 

Listen, people thought I was crazy. My family thought I was crazy. My friends thought I was crazy. My co-workers and corporate office certainly thought I was crazy. I even wondered a time or two if I was crazy. But I made a decision to step into my dream life in spite of the fear. 

And it has been an incredible ride. I have met so many wonderful people. I have definitely grown. Check!

And in all that craziness I got married a third time. #BestDecisionEver. I wanted happiness in that area of life, too. I had plenty of reasons to let fear stop me but I didn't. I decide to reach out for happiness again and grab onto it.

And now...another ceiling is shattered. The tallest so far.

The time has come. It is time to move on from the safety net of working for someone else and step out on faith once again. I launched my personal brand back in June 2018, the Personal Evolution Co. I'm happy to share with you it's growing!

It's taken time, energy, effort, learning. and hard work. (I so appreciate my work ethic yet again.) And it's happening. 

So here's the faith part. LISTEN UP! This is the part that counts...

I don't really feel "ready." Things aren't "ideal." Heck -  look around at what's going on! And I did it anyway. I resigned from my job with one of the largest, well-known coaching companies out there. I'm ALL IN with Personal Evolution Co. I decided to 100% back myself because I know who I am and that I will always succeed. No matter what.

I have faith in my calling and what God created me for. My actions are 100% aligned with my mission and purpose in life. 

I've never regretted "blowing up my life" because I always looked at it as getting to the next level.

Good is the enemy of great.

It's easy (decision-wise) to leave a terrible situation. Just the absence of terrible is appealing if you're in it. But to leave a good life in search of a great life??? That takes courage and faith. And it's my specialty. I've transitioned from a good to great life and then to an even greater life over and over. And I can help you do the same.

I don't need anyone's permission or approval to break my own glass ceiling and neither do you.

I know you dream big. I know you appreciate where you are now. And I also know you want more. But that it's hard to walk away from a good anything. And you worry that if you do people will think you're crazy. You might even think you're crazy. Yet - you want to do it anyway. You just need a nudge. I'd like to help you with that.

Some questions and journaling prompts for you:

  • What transition do you want to make but have you been putting off?? (Put this on paper. It makes it more real.)
  • What have you been longing for??
  • What's "pretty good" in your life that you want to make great?
  • What's stopping you from taking the leap?
  • What needs to be in place for you to say "YES!" to shattering your own glass ceiling?

It's time to shatter your own glass ceiling and expand your possibilities. 

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