SPORTS is Adapting and Innovating

Innovation is happening NOW!

NASCAR and Coca-Cola have been innovating...check this out.

Coca Cola was already sponsoring iRacing. Then NASCAR, with 7 races postponed this spring, got in on the action bringing some of their well-known drivers into the mix creating the eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series.

Basically, this was a virtual race on a NASCAR-sanctioned track with NASCAR drivers on a video platform that looks spookily-close to the real deal.

The first race was (virtually) held at Homestead-Miami Speedway. The iRacing event was even broadcast on FS1 with more than 900,000 viewers!!! Not bad considering this is a video game! Albeit a very advanced video game.

To add another layer of fun and reality, NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon and broadcaster Mike Joy called it like a normal race. Drivers were able to connect with fans in new Tweeting the middle of the "race."

THIS is innovation!

Fans were served. Drivers, announcers and networks were able to give back and have some fun. Sponsors were served with an event TO sponsor when there weren't any.

What a great idea.

The NBA offers some virtual action of their own

The NBA is doing something similar with the first-ever NBA2K20 Players Tournament on April 3rd. Sixteen of the NBA's best players will compete on the Xbox One, vying for the $100K prize to donate to their charity of choice.

Here's what's great:

  • People can feel connected to their sports heroes.
  • Athletes are giving back.
  • Sports fans have something to watch at a time when EVERYTHING sports has dried up.
  • Sports networks have something to air.
  • Sponsors have something to sponsor.
  • People stuck in their houses (going nuts) have an event to watch.
  • These industries are using what they DO have - technology - to make something happen.
  • They're making the most of the situation.
  • They're having some fun with it.
  • They're thinking outside the box.

They could have just as easily said...we're screwed. (Although they probably did say that at first.) They looked for opportunities and entertained some crazy ideas then took massive, swift action. And by the way, NASCAR's first attempt wasn't perfect. According to Jeff Gordon there were some technical difficulties with the sound from the driver's "cars." They claim to have that worked out and ready for the next race which will be held on Sunday at the virtual Texas Motor Speedway.

How can YOU innovate right now??

All of us have been impacted in some way by the virus. While any time is a great time to you may be FORCED to innovate just to survive.

You have more answers than you think. But to tap into those creative solutions you have to be willing to get into state, put down the doom and gloom story, and roll up your sleeves.

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