"Stay Liquid"

It's what Sergeant Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson (played by Shemar Moore) of CBS' S.W.A.T. says when his team of highly trained officers is about to enter into a dangerous situation. 

After hearing the iconic phrase several times I started to ponder what it meant.

My 2 cents? It means be flexible. Be ready, willing and able to adjust on the fly based on what the situation calls for. Don't get so convinced that an "op" will go a certain way that it causes mistakes. Adapt to your environment AND accomplish the mission.

LIQUID is the perfect visual. It does just that.

Pour a glass of water. Stick your finger in it. Now take it out. What happens? The water fills in where your finger was. 

LIQUID adapts to the container it's put in. Effortlessly. Its attributes never change. Water is still water.

"Stay liquid." What a great incantation!

BTW...incantations are like trading cards. If you hear one you like, feel free to collect it.

Personally, I have collected this one and put it into my arsenal of affirmations to use whenever needed.

"Stay liquid" works well for business and life. 

Stay with me here. What if... you were able to adapt to any environment you found yourself in and still complete your "mission?"

What if...your success wasn't dependent on the people or circumstances around you?

What if your desired emotions (happiness, fulfillment, gratitude, joy, love, accomplishment, success) weren't at all dependent on you having the perfect environment to express them? What if you could express those emotions, feelings and desires NO MATTER your environment?

What if you didn't need the perfect business environment, talent, market conditions, etc. to be successful?

What if you were to "stay liquid?"

Because all of the above is true.

Having rigid rules (i.e. conditions) for what it takes to be happy (fullfilled, appreciative, loved, or have a feeling of accomplishment) will make it hard for you to experience what you want in business, relationships, and life. With a rigid set of expectations you have narrowed your lane of possibilities and therefore narrowed your winner's circle.

Get rid of that idea (ahem...expectation) that you need a long list of perfect conditions to be successful - however you define success. Decide to STAY LIQUID. Decide to be happy/successful/fulfilled no matter what situation you find yourself in. DECIDE you ARE successful and take it with you to any environment. Adjust, like liquid in a glass. Water is still water. You are still you.

Oh, and...No extra charge for the eye candy at the top of this post. 😉