The Mindset IS the How

So annoying, right?

It doesn't even make sense at first glance.

But don't worry - I have no intentions of asking you to sit around a camp fire holding hands to discuss it I will, however, explain it. 

If you're goal-oriented, if you like to win...reading this is worth your time. 

And if you're of the analytical nature...reading this is REALLY worth YOUR time.

So often, we set out to handle something, to achieve something. We set a goal. Or we desire something in our lives, about our lives, to be transformed. 

Let's say you get on the LIT side of determination. And you get curious. All good, This is going well, my coaching brain says. 

And so you - the bold, the determined, the achiever - says "I'll hatch a plan." Great!

And then...IT HAPPENS. 

You go down a rabbit hole of learning the "right" way to do it. As if there is only ONE way to get what you want. As if learning the technical side is enough carry you through the whole ordeal which will inevitable take more time than you think, more work than you think, and probably more money than you think. And I can guarantee will entail more tests and challenges than you think.

Hey - I'm not judging, You probably met ME somewhere down in that rabbit hole! Lord knows I've spent enough time in many of them.

I'm a D/C for you DISC-ers out there. GO! Whoa! GO! Whoa!

So here's one you've probably already heard...I KNOW you've heard it if you've been with me any length of time...

Success is 80% mindset, 20% mechanics/strategy.

The mechanics / strategy is the piece that gets us stuck and that many people end up spending 80% of their time on. Bass-ackwards, folks. BASS-ACKWARDS.


There will always be multiple opinions in how to do something. People can forever debate the BEST way. In the real world - none of that really matters if your mindset isn't where it needs to be. 

Furthermore, you can find the answer - the HOW - to any question 24/7 without even leaving your couch.

The best strategy in the world can knock you up side the head and you won't know what to do with it if your mind waivers.

You won't have the wherewithal to switch strategies when you should if your mindset isn't rock solid. 

You won't execute the perfect strategy - at 100% - if your mindset isn't 100%. 

Your mindset is ENERGY and it's very real.

Most of the technical BS just falls away and becomes irrelevant when your mind is made up that the outcome is already in the bag and when you are already the person who achieved it (in your mind. And then act from that place).

I encourage you...

Spend less of your precious time and energy on strategy (aka HOW) and more of it on locking in the thoughts, emotions, energy, beliefs, and narrative that will get you there. Spend more time BEING that result you want most and voila! HOW falls into place. 

I'm aware that this sounds like total movie hogwash. There must be a winning strategy!

Perhaps. There are perfect strategies for some things - like...brain surgery. There are several GOOD strategies for most things - great! Pick one. 

But I also know that not enough. I know because I've walked that path, Remember the rabbit hole we met in?

And because there is always the intangible. The "IT" factor. The fairy dust. The magic. The KNOWING. 

It speaks to your beliefs, your confidence, your MAGNETISM. Oooo. There's a good word.

How much time and energy do you devote every day to LOCKING IN your mindset?

Your answer - whatever it is - is telling.

Even when you GET that mindset is important, and even after you have experienced the difference it must practice it every day. 

Look at it this way... Professional athletes and celebrities still practice and condition themselves. They didn't get it right once and go home and expect to be in peak performance mode at show time. 

Michael Jordan didn't make one lay up and then say "Later - catch ya at the play-offs."

Tiger Woods didn't sink one putt and say "See you in Augusta."

Christina Aguilera didn't hit a couple of good notes and say "Save me a seat at the Grammies." - Although she may have said that - that woman is TALENTED!

They all practiced their craft relentlessly. And if you want to be a champion, you, too, must condition yourself.

Yes, practice physically doing the thing you want to do. Yes, do the work, do the drill, apply the strategy. But you already instinctively KNOW...every day isn't an automatic slam dunk. And what gets you through the hard days? MINDSET. What motivates you to work and practice and try again when you'd rather be relaxing or goofing off? MINDSET. What causes you to get up again and again when this or that strategy didn't get you the result you wanted? MINDSET.

It takes hard work and discipline to be a big-time winner on any stage - on the LIFE stage.

It's your MINDSET that makes you a star. Or not.

Do you have a daily practice? If not, GET ONE! Journal. Chant. Read. Listen. Meditate. Prime. Whatever.

Just do something. Consistently. And watch what happens. I'm sure it will surprise and delight you. 

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.