Unicorns Don't Do Conformity

My work with clients is deeply personal. They tell me things they don't tell their spouses or closest friends. Its like they're sharing a piece of their soul with me that hasn't seen the light of day since... well...ever! 

What they share with me - doubts, thoughts, fears, nuances in perceptions - make them vulnerable. It's stuff that is hidden away from daily conversation. And my peeps - they don't embrace broad daylight vulnerability, But with me - they put it on the table so we can examine it together. 

Of course they want to "fix" it. ha

But the vulnerability is usually where the beauty is.

I also believe vulnerability is strength but that's a topic for another day.

Vulnerability is where the honest work of coach and client is, too.

I look into their soul - their inner-most self - in a way most people can't. I see it. I hear it. 

Let's peek into yours, shall we?

I understand perfectly well the battle in your mind and the conflicts within. I understand the pressure to conform and do things the "right" way, the accepted way. That seemingly gets rewarded because it's easy to point to many examples of it. 

You want to be liked. And respected. You crave connection to others. And at the same time you want to stand out and be different. You want to unleash your ideas and creativity. But yikes! How vulnerable that makes you feel because what if they don't see or understand your brilliance?

How do you break through and break free?

I know you want to rise to the top. But it seems like conformity gets rewarded. And you - you are a unicorn.

Society says they value unicorns and in some cases they do. But by the time that happens they're no longer all that "out there." They've become more "accepted" when we've had time to get used to them which feels not-so-unicorny.

True unicorns don't care if their work is accepted or not.

Their work is their art and it just has to be done. It can't not, regardless of whether or not it's accepted or appreciated. 

And once it IS accepted, is it truly still unicornian?

And then - THEN - you want (need) to make money. You need to make a living. Yes - basics are important - food, shelter and what not. But who really wants to scrape by and live with the stress of "getting by?" That just puts pressure on you and your art because - it's art. It's done for the sake (and need) to just do it, create it. Your art is your passion and vice versa.

Yes, you need to make money with it so you can devote your time to it. You need it to be "accepted" and "liked." That's okay. As soon as you create it - you're on to the next thing anyway. Laughing all the way because that's what unicorns do.

Do any of these conflicts sound familiar? Acceptance versus individuality? Art for the sake or art but also the need to make money? Pressure to produce products and services you think will "sell" versus creating or procuring what really excites you?

Yes, I understand them well. And I can hear and see them when they are right in front of me.

Unicorns also know this: Don't not conform just for the sake of not conforming - that's really just another form of being like everyone else. That's not aligned to your true unicorn within either.  The true message within is just fighting to get out because it must. It can't not.

If you're a unicorn - you know it

No one needs to tell you you're a unicorn. You either are or aren't. If you suspect you are...you are. That part of you just needs room to breath.

My work with them - with you - allows you to breath. To expand. And to live (and lean) into your greatness. You need hope and certainty and I give it to you. You need it as much as you need water if you are to make it. 

The unicorn part of you is like a little baby that needs to be taken care of if it is to grow and prosper. It's simply not acceptable for it not to.

Without unicorns women would still be wearing long skirts every day, not allowed to vote, and be expected to stay at home and take care of the kids as their preferred career path (which is fine if that's what you desire - not if it's what's expected). 

Thank God for unicorns !

Yes, my work with you is deeply personal, and important. Not only is your life touched (and mine), so are all of the lives you impact, and the ones they impact, for generations to come. 

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.