Waiting for IT to Happen

Relief is the feeling you get when that thing you've had faith about - finally happens.

It's a pressure-cooker when you want something - need something - to happen. You obsess about it. You work really really hard. You keep your hopes high. You stand guard around the gates of your mind to keep yourself mentally in the game. You double down every time you start to slip a little with your commitment - energetically or strategically.

I mean - you do EVERYTHING in your power to make it happen. But alas - you don't have direct control over it. You have influence - but not direct control.

And you NEED this thing to happen at a soul level - and yes, maybe financially, too.

And you extend every ounce of that influence to make this thing happen. 

This thing - any thing.

  • Launch something new with mega-success.
  • Increase in sales and the influx of cash.
  • Get new clients. That one big dream client.
  • Get a new job or a promotion.
  • Create something your clients will love.
  • Happiness in a relationship - new or current.
  • Weather new competition in the marketplace.

This is the journey that breaks many.

They give up in the fog of doubt and fear created by putting out high level effort and getting low-level rewards. They allow the negative thoughts to take root. They create a story about how it wasn't their fault and couldn't be helped. 

Like I said, pressure-cooker.

But the cool thing about pressure is what it creates that you can't see until later - like coal turning into a diamond.

But the second they pull back to relieve the pressure. their chances to get that thing they want go to 0%. And does that really relieve the pressure? It may relieve it in a way - in the short term. But not really for the long term because doubt and fear linger. And they remember it the next time they #GoForIt. Which makes the battle that much harder. And if this cycle has occurred over and over - it's more important than ever to stop it.

YOU, however, are not the many, nor the average.

YOU stay in the fight. You keep the faith. You find a way to relish the pressure because you understand the payoff. And you won't settle for less. 

You double down on your efforts as many times as it takes, as long as it takes. You refuse to fall for the illusion that it should have happened already. You refuse to believe it won't happen. You are un-freaking-available for not getting it. YOU keep going. Again. And again. And again. 

And then...IT happens. Just like that [finger snap]. It's so...quick. That thing just happens. You had no idea that today was going to be the day. 

Thank goodness you didn't quit yesterday - you were so close! Although it was tempting to quit yesterday.

THEN it's easy to say I knew I could. I knew it would happen. And you're all smiles because it's now a reality. And 1 minute before you were still waiting. And now...relief. [exhale] Gratitude.

Still waiting?

Stay the course. Continue to #GoForIt. 

If you're still waiting and working and keeping the faith about something...take a moment to experience the relief NOW, don't wait. It's available now if you want it. 

Here's how:

Imagine it. Play it in your mind like a movie. Feel what you imagine it will feel like. Imagine you get the confirmation you've been waiting for that it happened...you get the call, see the report, shake the hand.

Now write that out, pen to paper. Add detail - 2 pages worth.

  • My launch was a mega-hit.
  • My sales are through the roof and cash is flowing.
  • I landed yet another dream client.
  • I cherry-picked the best job from 3 offers.
  • My clients went bonkers over the new thing I created.
  • I am so happy in this relationship I must pinch myself.
  • Even with new competition we increased sales by 20%.

It's not just relief. It's excitement. It's anticipation. It's confidence. It's laying the groundwork for future successes, too, because you have additional evidence that you know how to weather through the tough times.

Remember which camp you're in - the one with the winners circle. Keep the faith. Stay the course. Your moment could come at any moment.

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.