When Doubt is Advantageous

Have you ever noticed how some days you're just so buttoned up? You feel like you've got your act together. Things are happening. You feel strong and powerful, unstoppable? You're productive, focused. You stay on track. You feel marvelous!

And then some days - perhaps the very next day - you feel lost? Unsure of yourself and where you're heading? Questions creep in like Am I doing the right thing? Am I headed in the right direction? Is this really where I want to go? Is this the best way to get there? 

How is it the mindset pendulum can swing so dramatically from one side to the other overnight? When the facts haven't even changed? There is nothing tangible that points to your feeling different?

That's pretty normal. They do become less frequent the more confidence you have in what you're doing.

It's what you do with it when you realize you're having one of those moments that matters. 

While you don't want to be in that state constantly...

The questioning and the doubt isn't completely useless.

If it causes you to think and shift and improve your approach to be more effective or efficient - then great. 

Here's the thing...I have had clients tell me they don't want to lose their edge. Their edge comes from being on their toes, and from looking and listening for what's getting off track. They know charging in blindly isn't the smartest play. And neither is doing the same thing the same way each time. Or just doing things the way they've always been done. Nor changing for the sake of changing.

Confidence and acting from a place of certainty is critical to their success. For some, that certainty comes from having constantly reviewed all their options, and questioned their direction and how they plan to get there. Deciding, over and over every day, where they're heading and how. 

Successful people are not attached to the strategy - they are attached to the results they want.

Some days the answer really is stay on track. Persevere. Be consistent. Keep going. Keep doing what you've been doing.

Yet, other days the answer is to pivot. Change direction or strategy.

You won't know the answer unless you ask the question. AM I heading in the direction in which I want to go? Is this strategy working? Is there a better way? Faster? Easier? More effective?

The key is to not get stuck in the questioning.

Let's not even call it questioning. Let's call it evaluation. Move through the evaluation quickly.

The key to not getting stuck is to have a regular process by which you measure your results against your desired outcomes and see how it's working and have intelligence about why it's working or why not.

How often should you review and measure?

You would best know what makes sense for your business. I will say this though - the more often you measure and review, the less time mistakes will haunt your results. If you measure monthly - you need only go a month with sub-par results. Measure weekly, you'll only have bad weeks. Measure daily...only bad days.

The next time you're having one of those days in which you lapse back into a not-so-productive lost state, and you find yourself this what I really want? Is this the best way to get there?'s how to work your way through it quickly.

Determine what you want:

  • Yes or this still what you want?
  • Why or why not?
  • What will hitting that target get you?
  • Any changes in target you want to make? Make them and state your new target or reaffirm your original target.

Evaluate what you're doing to get there - your strategy. 

  • What are you measuring?
  • How?
  • How often?
  • Have you given your current strategy your all?
  • Have you given your current strategy time to work?
  • Is it reasonable to stick with your current strategy? Or is it smarter to pivot?
  • If pivoting, how will you measure the new strategy and how often?
  • When is your next evaluation?

And finally - sometimes the questioning just comes from a lack of faith.

It's not that you really doubt that you know what you want or what strategy to use. It's that you are feeling unsure of yourself and your ability to pul it off. THAT is the questioning and doubt I beg you to not be available for.

If that is happening, it's time to decide to 100% back yourself. 

Get prepared for when that BS creeps up. Decide NOW how you will respond. Decide while in a good state, how you will respond when in a bad state. Practice that response so it is automatic and comes without pondering. CONDITION the response.

Action Item: While in a peak state, allow yourself to go on a total rant about why you will absolutely not settle for anything less than exactly what you want. How you are destined to have that and more. How ludicrous it is to suggest otherwise. Ask for it out loud. Be thankful for it as if you already have it. Rant about how you will keep going until you have it. Rant about your determination and willingness to do the work to get there. 

You get the picture.

On the days you question because your faith is wavering, double down on your mindset. Dig your heels in, And then get to work!

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #LiveDeliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.


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