You: Guided

This is one of my core beliefs:

You have a unique combination of gifts, talents and abilities. And they matter. YOU matter.

What were you built to do? Who were you built to become? All of the moments, experiences and interests you've ever had have led you to where you are right now.

You were built for more. A purpose. 

Are you living it?

I know you. You have a need to excel. You have a need to be noticed - not in a flashy "look at me" way - although maybe that, too. More like a "didn't I do something great?" kind of way. Acknowledged.

There is a deep sense of peace and fulfillment when you know you matter. When you do something that matter. Although you always did.

You want to know you did a great job. Not just to get a pat on the head. You excel because you appreciate excellence. And you look for other people's reactions to know if it hit the mark or not.

You stand out and believe you don't have to overshadow anyone else to do so.

You want to make an impact and be known for it. Known as the person who made that impact. That's WHO YOU ARE.

Are you making the kind and size of impact you want to make?

Are you looking to others to give you that nod, that acknowledgement? 

I want to help you see that to get that nod you seek, you can't seek the nod. Wait...Whaaaat?

I know! Counter-intuitive, eh?

You must deliver the essence of YOU, even when you're getting head shakes, not nods. Because it's in your essence that your brilliance lies. And when you show the world your unique combination of thoughts/ideas/abilities/gifts/talents/experiences - not what you thought they wanted to see - it's then that you get the nods.

From everyone? No. There is no such thing. From the people who needed to see you, so they can have permission to let that element shine in themselves - to see it as beautiful? Yes. They will nod their heads yes. And you all feel acknowledged, seen. Saluted.

About your appreciation of excellence and your need to rise...

I salute that in you.

To rise as high as you might, you cannot pretend to be someone or something other than yourself.

When will you realize that YOU are the one that determines if your work is excellent or not? You are the ONLY one that can create the measuring stick of excellence for you.

Only you knows if your voice is saying what it wants to say or not.

What if the ones you so desperately seek approval from aren't as adept or as insightful as you? That is possible, you know. If you're looking for approval from people who are less inspired in your zone of genius than you, you'll never rise as high as you could if you were paying attention to your own intuition.

You were born to LEAD. You ARE in the driver's seat, so you decide what is excellent and to what degree. Leadership starts with yourself by setting the tone and direction. When you're strong in that, others will naturally follow.

It's in the unique combo that only YOU possess that puts you in your zone of genius.

Do you know what your zone of genius is? Do you see your unique combo?

Here are some prompts to help you get started:

  • What makes YOU proud of YOU?
  • What do you feel good about?
  • What outcomes and identities (I AM...'s) would make you feel 10 inches taller?
  • Create a running list of your talents, abilities, interests, and experiences of impact.

Time to hit the journal and start working it out. It will percolate long after you put pen to paper.

Today is the day to #GoFotIt and #LiveDeliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.

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