Increase productivity with your team

- while decreasing conflict -

so you get the HIGH PERFORMANCE

you've been wishing for.


an eCourse that will help you

identify anyone's communication style and instantly adapt...

so you can go further, faster.

Let me guess...

You want to GET STUFF DONE,

without all the drama.

Anyone in your position would want the same thing.


You're a leader with a lot of people depending on you.

The issue is...


People's personalities can sometimes

throw a monkey wrench in your plans.



Some people are easier to communicate with than others.


But for you to get the results you want,

you need everyone to be on the same page.


having a high-performing team isn't luck.

Communication Agility provides a step-by-step framework

to know exactly how to talk to each team member

to get their A-game.

"Ugh, I thought I was super clear...but nobody is following through!"

It's soOoOo frustrating when you give clear instructions, yet it seems like your team isn't cranking out the work needed to hit your targets.


Work days come and go, and the

obvious tactics

to get everyone's best

haven't worked.

You feel like you're pulling

too much weight because

they're simply not on the same page as you.


How long can you sustain this frustration? You wonder.


Thankfully, the irritation can end TODAY.

Yes! It's Possible to...

►  Tap into the absolute best teammates have to offer.

►  Move results forward, without being a hardass.

►  Maximize everyone's natural behavior patterns so they (and you) shine almost effortlessly.

...And you don't have to walk on eggshells to make it happen.


Communication Agility will show you exactly how to connect with your coworkers in an instant...

It's like a secret decoder ring that allows you to

understand & be understood

by everyone on your team.

This way, you get more done, with ease.

Meet Your Trainer

Hi! My name is Stacie.


Let me Guess...


A lack of communication is taking its toll on your relationships (and the results you're trying to create).


Let's talk about that.


Is it really true that there is a LACK of communication?


Aren't people "communicating" all the time?


Isn't it more about HOW they're communicating?

When you communicate with a person in a way that resonates with THEM, you'll automatically build a better relationship.


You simply need to crack the code on a person's unique communication style.

The bottom line is...


Better Relationships = Better Results

Truth is...

The way you are

- no matter how you are - 

is great for connecting with some people and NOT for others.

It may be hard to admit you need to shift the way you communicate, but it's necessary because

as a leader who wants stellar results -

you need to be able to connect with everyone.


Not just those who are like you.


You must be more diverse than that.


More adaptable.

You must be


in your communication.

AND you're busy.

You need a quick way to spot the clues people are constantly showing you about how they like to communicate, and then adapt on the spot without having to reference a 3" thick field guide.

Once you have it, you unlock the secret to being seen as the admired leader you always wanted to be - downstream AND upstream.

Once You Make These Shifts, you'll...

►  Create an environment where people naturally give their best.

►  Get people to create the desired results with the least amount of tension.

►  Feel good about how you treat the people with which you work.


a 2-hour masterclass that will help you identify anyone's communication style and instantly adapt... 

so you can go further, faster.

Here's What's Included:

Over 2 Hours of Video Instruction

and activities in a masterclass designed to help you:

  • Learn the DISC language to develop sensory-acute communication skills
  • Spot the tells that correctly identify a person's communication preferences so you never feel like you're "flying blind" with staff members, leadership, vendors, or clients
  • Know the strengths & challenges of each style so you can predict what they will excel at and where they may have a blindspot
  • Adapt your own behaviors to bridge the gap between your style and theirs so there's more common ground
  • See how your own style affects the situations you're a part of so you don't get sidetracked with your own soft spots
  • Understand why people don't behave the same way all the time and how to adapt accordingly
  • Interpret the confusing signals of blended styles so you know what to focus on.




Your Very Own DISC Assessment

so you have in-depth knowledge of your exact style including:

  • Your DISC sub-style that will give you detailed insight into your unique behavioral patterns
  • Natural versus adapted patterns so you don't lean too far, too long outside your low-stress zone
  • What you're motivated by and what you need in the workplace so you easily remain self-motivated, performing at an optimal level
  • "Do's" and "Don'ts" communication tips for others so they can avoid increasing tensions with you unintentionally
  • The strengths you personally bring to the organization to better understand your value and easily spot environments where you'll be self-motivated
  • Your work style tendencies to stay clear of roles that conflict with your preferences
  • The environments you tend to be most effective in so you can seek a natural alignment between you and your work role.
  • The difference between how you perceive yourself under stress and how others perceive you so you're not blindsided by the consequences of your behavior in critical moments
  • Strategies for you to reduce conflict and increase harmony to get the high performance for your team you've been wishing for
  • Your typical behaviors when in conflict so you never have to experience those pitfalls again
  • Potential areas for improvement to mitigate the soft spots of your communication style
  • and more!
  • PLUS... a DISC Report Debrief video to help you maximize your 50+ page report.

Audio & Video Section to help you Apply DISC in Real-World Situations

These short clips demonstrate precisely how to maximize these everyday opportunities to drive results with each DISC style.

  • Complimenting individuals
  • Leaving a Voicemail
  • Counseling
  • Collaborating
  • Delegating
  • Motivating
  • Making Initial Contact
  • Exploring Challenges
  • Getting a Commitment or Sale
  • Assuring  Your Customer's Satisfaction


  • Meet each style through the eyes of actors as they introduce themselves.
  • Get to know exactly how each style thinks and what they want as actors spill the beans with no-holds-barred honesty.
  • What it would have been like to work with the legendary Michaelangelo if he were a D, I, S, or C.
  • Theme songs to help you remember each style

Also Included:

  • A Workbook for Taking Notes
  • A Quick-Reference Guide
  • Activity Worksheets
  • A 52-Week Email Series - One email per week for a year to reiterate and strengthen your learning.

Ready to create a culture of rockstars?

An unfair advantage is available.



Working with Stacie has been super helpful in helping me communicate with my key managers.

The process was deceptively simple but added a ton of value to my leadership. 

Myself and several of my key leaders took the DISC assessment. From there, Stacie took us on a deep dive into the communication patterns and key drivers of my team. We talked through how to more effectively communicate goals and mission objectives. I made several changes to my leadership style based on the results and the team is now more focused than ever. 

Allow me to detail the most surprising example of what we changed based on the coaching.

I had just promoted a new regional manager and had her take the DISC assessment. Stacie and I reviewed the results. Stacie noticed that I was action driven with a low "C" score which made me likely to embrace change and move quickly in decision making. (I didn't need a test to tell me that.) 

She pointed out that the new manager was a High "C" and a High "S" and explained to me that typically these results would suggest that this person is a cautious, stable, planner type who likes structure. This person doesn't like change and will typically resist it without a good reason for said change. Also other scores suggested that she prefers a methodical approach to problem solving which balances my desire for fast paced decision making. 

Ok, great. "So I'll slow down and be more methodical in my approach. I could use that anyway.”

This person has since been promoted because she has methodically improved the company and is so stable. However, here is where the story gets good. I had passed this person over for promotion 9 months earlier!

I had previously tried to engage her in a problem and I grew frustrated with her (perceived) lack of enthusiasm and energy. I mistakenly determined she was just punching the clock and didn't really care about her work.

Stacie explained two important things to me that made a huge difference with this employee and all of my employees.

First, this employee doesn't show a lot of enthusiasm and that doesn't mean she is not proud of her work or that she isn't engaged with the company. Her DISC assessment suggests that she will always have a stable reaction to her environment and that she tends to put too much pressure on herself for perfection and that I should work to help her feel less pressure to get the most out of her. 

Finally, and most importantly, my personality needs to get positive affirmation from my staff thru their excitement and enthusiasm for the company. This is clouding my ability to see a great employee because I want them to respond in the way MY personality type would. Upon hearing this I fell of my chair. I remembered a conversation I had 9 months previously when I announced I couldn't work with this person because she "just didn't care". I was comparing her behavior to my expectations based on my personal values. Wow.

Today this person is my right hand and most trusted employee.

The DISC insight into my personality and her personality changed the game for the leadership team of this company.


~Owner, Cafe Diem

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