1 Easy Method for Consistently Scoring Your Wheel of Life Categories

Do your monthly Wheel of Life scores look more like a record of your mood swings on the the 30th of the month than an actual record of how well you're doing in each category? 😆

When you don't have a framework or criteria from which to measure your results, your self-scoring can end up being all over the place, based on how you were feeling when you did your monthly dashboard review. 

For example, if you just landed a big new client - your scores may have been high in the 'mission" category. If you lost said client, maybe the scores went down - even though your overall sales were higher.

How do you know how to score yourself each month so that the scores show real progress (or lack thereof)?

How do you ensure the scores are useful?

You need a framework for your scores so there is consistency in what they mean and what to do about it.

I light up when I am helping people make progress toward achieving the life they really want.

Want to be crystal clear this week on exactly where you are in the process of achieving what you want?

This video teaches an easy method for consistently scoring your categories against a criteria - and it's built right in to your dashboard. 

Click here to get your free dashboard template and save it to your Google Drive. 

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Move into your dashboard this week and start getting clear on your real scores.

Because you need to know where each category really stands to know where to focus and why.

In the meantime, Live Deliberately!

Get your free dashboard in four easy steps (You'll need a Google account).
  1. Go to www.LifeDashboard.Club.
  2. Enter your name and email.
  3. Click "Open My Dashboard."
  4. Click "Make a Copy" when prompted in Google Sheets.