1 Easy Method for Consistently Scoring Your Wheel of Life Categories

Do your monthly Wheel of Life scores look more like a record of your mood swings on the the 30th of the month than an actual record of how well you're doing in each category?

When you don't have a framework or criteria from which to measure your results, your self-scoring can end up being all over the place, based on how you were feeling when you did your monthly dashboard review. 

For example, if you just landed a big new client - your scores may have been high in the 'mission" category. If you lost said client, maybe the scores went down - even though your overall sales were higher.

How do you know how to score yourself each month so that the scores show real progress (or lack thereof)?

How do you ensure the scores are useful?

You need a framework for your scores so there is consistency in what they mean and what to do about it.

I light up when I am helping people make progress toward achieving the life they really want.

Want to be crystal clear this week on exactly where...

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Four Truths to Cut the Clutter in Goal Setting

goal-setting goals Jan 07, 2019

I absolutely LOVE this time of the year. It's a clean slate and FULL of possibilities.

My idea of a fun New Year's Eve is to totally geek out on setting goals, creating a vision board, and setting high expectations for the coming year. #Truth

Yet, setting goals can sometimes bring with it pressure. Pressure for it to be the "right" goal. Pressure for it to be "big enough." Reasonable. Scary. Specific. Measurable. Multiple goals. Yes - Must have goals in every area of my life.  And...and...and...UGH! How in the world will I do all this? Overwhelm! Just forget it!

Sound Familiar?

I hope the following brings you smooth sailing to create goals that inspire you, not overwhelm you. 

The Four Truths are...

Put your goals on paper.

All important goals need to be written down, preferably in your own handwriting.

If you try to remember it all in your head you will create an endless loop of discussion. It's a disaster waiting to happen. If you can't remember what you had...

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