I Don't Know About This

Sometimes we hear a whisper. "I don't know about this" is playing in the back of your mind. Something just doesn't feel quite right. You know something is off but you can't quite put your finger on it. 

You're uneasy about something. The thought of it makes you uncomfortable - maybe mildly so or greatly so. It's just this feeling you have in your gut.

If you're being pushed in a direction and it feels uncomfortable, dig beneath the surface of that and examine where the discomfort is coming from. 

If you're a little uncomfortable because you're being drawn outside your comfort zone...

That's something to say "hell yes" to. Push past it and go go go! The further the better. 

Leaving your comfort zone creates an expanded comfort zone. Want to it grow faster? Go for challenges far outside what is comfortable for you. The bigger the push, the bigger the growth. 

HOWEVER, if the whisper of doubt that you're hearing is because something feels wrong and your'e being pushed by external forces to do it anyway, hit pause. 

What feels wrong? Is it a push to do something that goes against your values? Or to do something you feel is immoral? 

Values...let's open that suitcase and unpack it.

Values themselves, and the order of priority they hold for you, can change over time. What used to be okay for you may not be in the future, or vice versa. This could be one cause of hearing the whisper that something just doesn't feel right. Something that used to feel totally normal may now start to feel out of alignment. 

This is natural because people grow and change; they evolve.

The whisper could also come from a new source, challenge, or dilemma. You could find yourself in a new job, new company, have a new boss, new employee, a new opportunity, and so forth. And when something doesn't quite feel right, you are right to listen in and dig down to figure it out.

Acting out of alignment (in a different direction than the one your values point to) compromises your ability to be good at it because you will naturally, subconsciously or consciously, resist. 

Examine where these gut reactions are coming from and be willing to adjust accordingly.

Now...the moral compass.

If you are tasked with doing something that feels morally wrong, that's a "hell no!"

Leaving your comfort zone to push yourself to be better is one thing. 👍 It's another thing entirely to go in a different direction than the one your moral compass points to. ⛔️

​​​​​​​You do not have to pimp out your soul. Period. 

You instinctively know when you feel alignment and when you don't.

If an opportunity, job, task, anything points you away from your moral compass, say no. Axe it. Cut ties and move towards where you want to be.

If your work takes you away from your family regularly AND you believe that is morally wrong...change it. Take them with you. Cut travel in half. Get a new job. Find a way. 

If your work culture demands 1st place in your life at all times and your health and relationships are suffering, don't play their game.

If you have a chance to go to work for a company but you think their overall mission is morally wrong, don't go to work there. 

If you have an opportunity to get a great result for your business but the means to get there is against your moral code, find a different route.

What it boils down to is you have a choice. You don't HAVE to do anything. 

Your choices lead you forward. Make sure those choices are taking you somewhere you WANT to go and will feel good about. 


Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.