When to Drop the Hustle

It's easy to get confused about what to "GO FOR" next. Can you relate?

I've spent the last year doing less and being more. It has felt a little odd. Ok, more like totally out of my skin if I'm being honest. 

I am used to a fast pace; always having the next "thing" in sight. That's what all the self-help gurus tell you, right? Always have a compelling future. Before you complete one goal, know what the next goal is so you don't fall into a state of being "down." And...

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I Don't Know About This

Sometimes we hear a whisper. "I don't know about this" is playing in the back of your mind. Something just doesn't feel quite right. You know something is off but you can't quite put your finger on it. 

You're uneasy about something. The thought of it makes you uncomfortable - maybe mildly so or greatly so. It's just this feeling you have in your gut.

If you're being pushed in a direction and it feels uncomfortable, dig beneath the surface of that and examine where the discomfort is...

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What If You Asked for Challenges?

What is your typical reaction when a challenge occurs?

When there is a problem, a roadblock, a setback, a hurdle you have to jump...what is your usual response?

Do you put your head in the sand and ignore it? (Problems don't go away because you do this.)

Do you see it as a big inconvenience? (Followed by rolling your eyes.)

Do you do the Toyota jump for joy? (You have to be at least 45 years old to get that one.)

The word challenge stems from the word accusation or accuse. When a challenge...

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