The Power of Chunking

Have you ever come up with an idea that just keeps floating around in your head? And you fail to take action on it?

You're not alone.

Often, when clients have a plan, they attack the plan. For some - the problem is creating the plan. This is especially true if the result or outcome they seek feels big or overwhelming.

As a coach, I look for patterns. If a pattern doesn't serve the client, we work to break it.

One such pattern is writing on their "to-do list"  big outcomes that require multiple steps. 

Break down big goals or projects into small, manageable steps and then schedule blocks of time to work on those steps. 

What gets scheduled gets done.

What goes on your priority list for the day should be individual, actionable steps. That leads to progress. Progress leads to momentum. The more momentum you have, the more likely you are to complete the project.

What projects are you working on that feel big or overwhelming to you? How can I support you?

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