Is it time to ZOOM IN? or ZOOM OUT?

Sometimes it's overwhelming to think about the enormity of the project in front of you. 

Making ALL one's dreams come true in a single big swoop is almost sure to make a person dizzy with all the things that have to happen to create the picture she has in her mind. Talk about easily getting sidetracked into things you don't have to worry about today...or even next month!

Yet, if you don't have that big picture perspective lucid in mind, you could waste valuable...

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Burn it Down. Start again. Renewed. Refreshed.

The 1988 fires in Yellowstone National Park were ugly.

A total of 793,880 acres (36% of the park) were affected by the wildfires. The entire park closed to all non-emergency personnel for the first time in its history. The fires were considered unprecedented at the time.

I visited the park in 2011 and the effects were still quite visible 23 years later.

The Park rebounded quickly, though. The fire was even beneficial in some ways. 

According to Wikipedia "The recovery from the fires...

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If you only knew what I'm really thinking


Oh my - sometimes I think it's a good thing no one knows what I'm really thinking!

Or else or they'll think I'm crazy and don't have my act together! Especially my clients. Crap! What if they know I struggle with the same stuff they struggle with? Would I still be fit to coach them?

Short answer: YES, I am.

Who better to speak to how to deal with something than someone who deals with it or has dealt with it?

Longer answer: We have certain struggles that may never go away. Like -...

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The Power of Chunking

Have you ever come up with an idea that just keeps floating around in your head? And you fail to take action on it?

You're not alone.

Often, when clients have a plan, they attack the plan. For some - the problem is creating the plan. This is especially true if the result or outcome they seek feels big or overwhelming.

As a coach, I look for patterns. If a pattern doesn't serve the client, we work to break it.

One such pattern is writing on their "to-do list"  big outcomes that...

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