Who Do You Hand the Megaphone to?

Sit around and talk about your problems?

No thanks, right?

I'm not in that club either [gag topped with eye roll].

It's not that challenges don't come up but sit around and talk about it ad nauseam? Nah. I've got better things to do.

This is the sentiment I share with a lot of entrepreneurs. You typically keep yourself in a positive space emotionally and energetically and don't want to put so much focus on problems, but rather on solutions. Not to mention you have a lot to do (always) and you're busy taking care of things so there's not much time available to "complain." No need to bend a friend's ear for two hours every week over what's wrong. That's two hours of lost productivity! [cringe]

Yes, there is wisdom in not letting the challenges take over your focus. However, blindly marching along with poor mindset intact, like a good little soldier, isn't wise either.

What happens when you don't take care of those nagging little doubts and fears and insecurities?

They take root. And because your radar is now up and looking...You start to see evidence those insecurities are true. Seek and ye shall find. So those insecurities grow. Therefore, they need to be handled. Kill the monster while it's little.

It's one thing to dwell in the negative. Like I said - no thanks. It's another to simply acknowledge what you're observing in your thoughts and feelings and correct the thought process to maximize yourself and your results.

No, complaining won't help. But a constructive conversation will, whether with yourself or with a coach or other neutral party.

That's just smart.

I'll stop myself here from the technical deep dive of the methods a coach would use to dissect your thought patterns and cut to the chase. You're welcome.

The average Joe would be looking at strategy. That's the typical first step. Since you're anything but average you'll be smarter and look at what role your mindset is playing on the current challenges.

Obviously - if you give the megaphone over to the head cheerleader for the PROBLEMS R US team that's what you'll get more of.

Instead, give the megaphone to the part of you that refuses to be held back or weighed down. Give the megaphone to the part of you that knows it doesn't matter what the current challenge or problem is - because she knows all she needs to do to get what she wants is remember who the heck she is at her core. 

If this isn't automatic and natural for you every single time, you need a daily practice. Every day you need to hand her the megaphone and let her talk a few minutes. Journal. Chant. Rant. Meditate. Sing. Scream. Doesn't matter - just give that voice the floor.

That version of you is impervious to problems and knows exactly what to do. 

Connect back to why you're doing the thing you're doing in the first place. Get your head back in the game. And go rock it - whatever IT is. 

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.