Who Do You Hand the Megaphone to?

Sit around and talk about your problems?

No thanks, right?

I'm not in that club either [gag topped with eye roll].

It's not that challenges don't come up but sit around and talk about it ad nauseam? Nah. I've got better things to do.

This is the sentiment I share with a lot of entrepreneurs. You typically keep yourself in a positive space emotionally and energetically and don't want to put so much focus on problems, but rather on solutions. Not to mention you have a lot to do (always) and...

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How Often Do You Complain?

When I was a new in management and had my first “real” job out of college I would complain all the time.
I put in a lot of hours. I worked hard. Both were my choice.
Yet I complained about everything. I complained about how other people in the office had known each other longer than me and were closer, about how little I was paid, about how many hours I worked and about how I wasn’t taken seriously. Then I’d whine about how things never change.
It drove...
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