You're having to make decisions...FAST.

Faster than you'd like. 

In the past you've made the tough calls, and been very confident about it.

You had time to consider and weight the options. You consulted your executive team. You had considerable knowledge about what you were up against. You had time to get used to the idea of the consequences of your decision. And you delivered your decisions confidently - even the bad news.

Because you were confident about your showed.

You inspired confidence and a sense of purpose in your organization. You got buy-in toward company objectives and initiatives. People were reassured.

And now...amidst the biggest challenge our county - the world - has seen in modern times...that confidence is wavering. And it, too, shows. You don't have confidence about where your company is going and you question if you're making the best decisions possible to ensure it's future success. How could you know?

You're still making decisions. But are you inspiring confidence and a sense of purpose in your organization? Are you still getting buy-in?

Some things to consider:

Don't hide. Don't retreat into the executive wing. They need to SEE you. Be visible. Even if your heart is breaking over what is going on with your company. In the absence of seeing their leader, they will fill in the blanks themselves - no matter how many memos or emails you send out.

Talk to them. Every. Day. They need to HEAR you. Give them updates. Tell them what you know and don't know and what they can expect next. They need you now more than ever to step up and lead. 

Have a 2-way dialogue - not just a one-way monologue. Expose yourself to them. They need to be able to ask you questions and hear your answers. Even if it's bad news. You are experiencing this together. 'Tis better to know what they want to know than to guess.

Ask for help when and where you need it. Ask others to step up, too. 

Embrace the challenge. This is the time to grow and stretch as a leader. No one thinks this is easy.

BE CONFIDENT. They need to see your confidence, your certainty. Because then they can feel it and experience it themselves. Know that you are making the best decisions you can with the information you have now. And that no matter will get through this. Even though you don't know what it will look like on the other side of it just yet.

P.S. - You probably don't ponder every day about how well you communicate. 🤫 But you may mull over why you, or certain team members, clash with particular people some times. Or get irritated by having to explain the same things to the same people over and over again. Or scratch your head at why a team member blew a gasket all of sudden when they rarely let anything bother them. Or be perplexed at why some team members are motivated to peak performance but not others.

All of the above are predictable and avoidable.

Truth is…the way you are - no matter how you are - is great for connecting with some people and not for others. As a leader - you need to be able to connect with everyone. Not just those who are like you. You need to be more diverse than that, more adaptable, more agile. 

You’re so busy with meetings, email, phone calls and other interactions throughout your day. You need a quick way to be able to identify a person’s communication preferences and adapt on the spot. Without having to reference a field guide.

Communication isn’t hard; but it is different for different people. All you need is an easy to remember framework for spotting the "tells" that let you know what the person needs.

COMING SOON: Communication Agility Rx. 

Purge ineffective communication, spot the cues people are constantly showing you about how they like to communicate and think, instantly connect with prospects, remain in rapport with team members and clients, and get your team bringing their best selves to work so you get the RESULTS you want in your business and life.

For leaders and achievers who want maximum results from every interaction with clients, team members and others.

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