"Click" With Some People and "Clash" With Others?

Ever wonder why you, or certain team members, clash with particular people sometimes?  Or why some teams “click” so well together and others can’t seem to get their act together? Do you accept "that's just the way it is?"
It doesn't HAVE to be that way. It's actually NOT that way at all.
As a leader - you need to influence people. And to influence people, you need to be able to connect with them, the faster the better. And you must put high-performing...
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Work-from-Home: Love it? or Leave It?

We are all dealing with social distancing in our own way. And...it's pretty predictable if you know what predominant style each team member possesses.

I thought I'd throw in a little DISC humor today...Do any of these sound familiar?

SOME BACKGROUND: DISC is a widely accepted model of communication and behavior first identified by American psychologist William Marston. Millions of people have taken it to better understand their (and their team's) behavioral tendencies and maximize their...

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You're having to make decisions...FAST.

Faster than you'd like. 

In the past you've made the tough calls, and been very confident about it.

You had time to consider and weight the options. You consulted your executive team. You had considerable knowledge about what you were up against. You had time to get used to the idea of the consequences of your decision. And you delivered your decisions confidently - even the bad news.

Because you were confident about your decisions...it showed.


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How do you put ✅Inspire team on your to-do list?



Leaders INSPIRE their team to want to step up.

Note; Motivation and inspiration are two different things. Motivation comes from within and inspiration can come from external sources.

How do you inspire your team when you already have so much work to do? How do you put that "to-do" on your list? ... Inspire team.

You have your "behind your desk work" stuff you do. That alone is more than enough to keep you busy.

And then you're supposed to go and inspire your team?? YES!


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