Are Your Employees Engaged and Excited About Their Work?


Do you have a hard time getting your employees engaged and excited about their work?

It's a common problem many executives share.

I often hear clients say their employees are just sleep-walking through their day.

"Stacie, we put together programs but nothing seems to work."

"They're here. They do their work. They just aren't engaged at the level they could be." 

Sometimes  they aren't even meeting the basic requirements of the job. You think you've made the expectations of the job clear but for whatever reason ... things just aren't getting done on time, on budget, or whatever parameters you laid out.

Is this an issue for you?

Employees want to be engaged and excited to. It's a problem on their side too. Every time I have a manager/leader tell me they struggle with getting their employees engaged...I have 5 employees tell me they want to be passionate about their work. 

Some people need an invitation to step up. So give them one!

Paint a picture for them of who they could be while working in your organization. Help them see what they are capable of. Give them THAT identity.

People live up to their labels. Give them a good one. Give them one you can both be proud of.

Let them know you see great leadership qualities in them. That you see success in them. Invite them to step up and be that person now. Tell them you need leaders. You need people who are excited. They are the ones that set the raises and the promotions. They get praise. They are the ones that get to work on the cool projects.

Some people hold back. They're waiting to see what transpires. Waiting to see what you do. Waiting to see if it's okay to step up. In some organizations - it's not! Make sure they know  it is more than "okay" it is desired and rewarded.

Some are quieter and slower-paced. They don't want to be the center of attention right out of the gate. But when given an invitation to step up - they often will. 

Create the environment for them where they know it's okay for them to raise their hand  and say "I want to lead." "I want to be a high performer."  "I want to stand out."

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