Does SUCCESS Feel the Way You Thought it Would?

Sometimes, I'm shocked at how often success doesn't feel the way people thought it would...


Even though they got all the things they said they wanted...

...the house.

...the car.

...the title.

...the corner office.


Does this sound familiar?


You've lived your whole life driven. Achieving. Making sacrifices. And you've climbed the ladder.


Yet, over a coffee with a friend, you share that something is missing. Something is "off."


You find yourself in a never-ending cycle of setting goals, putting in the hard work, and achieving goals...just to start back at the beginning. 


And for a long time, achievement alone was enough to keep you engaged and excited.


But your excitement has started to wane.


And that success cycle has started to feel heavy. And less likely to drive you to do more.


You may sense a feeling of dissatisfaction bubbling up to the surface. Perhaps even a tinge of resentment.


Even worse...

You've spent so much time focused on work and hitting THOSE goals, the rest of your life has suffered in some way.


>> You've lost yourself in your work, and your marriage suffered.


>> You're too exhausted at the end of each day to focus on your health, but it's still important to you.


>> Your mind is still at work, even when you're hanging out with the kids.


>> You're so busy working, you don't have time to enjoy that big jacuzzi tub.


What does all this have to do with the man on the moon?


Work and life have a momentum we must take charge of (if we are to run our lives versus our lives running us).


If the above scenario sounds like you, it's probably because...

  • You don't have the proper boundaries in place to leave room for the things you say are truly important.
  • No one is holding you accountable for doing what you said you'd do to change it.
  • You aren't maximizing leverage with teammates to truly get the best they have to offer.


The truth is...

These things don't need to be an issue anymore.


Success doesn't have to consume your life and crowd out all the other experiences you want.


Imagine a day when...

>> Work gives you energy instead of draining it.


>> You get the rush of achievement, accompanied by a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment.


>> You realize you are already enough, even without additional successes.


If this is something you want, then let's have a chat.


Here's what I offer and what it does:


ONGOING COACHING to help achieve the lofty goals that life sometimes gets in the way of. I help clients think through things and hold them accountable until they reach their next level of success.


LEADERSHIP MENTORING for clients with a not-quite-up-to-par team to help them calibrate their communication and get the absolute best from everyone, so they get the results they seek.


TEAM DEVELOPMENT for leaders who want to develop their bench of junior leaders so they can focus on the big picture. I'll train their team to adapt their communication style from person to person, so they become the most effective leaders possible.


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Today is the day to #GoForIt.



Founder, Personal Evolution Co.