Excuses...Busted. Destroyed. Defeated. And savagely.

Whatever it is you want to do...

  • Get in insane shape
  • Start a business
  • Retire early
  • Find your dream partner

...if you're feeling discouraged and like it will never happen, find someone else who has done what you want to do. SOMEONE has done it. And SOMEONE will inspire you. And probably have advice for you, too.

As my 49th birthday approaches I've been wanting to get in better shape. A series of injuries and life changes led to a few of my normal habits and routines changing and I'm not loving the result. So I randomly Googled "50 year old female bodybuilder" to get some inspiration. Allow me to introduce you to a kindred spirit.

Meet Josefina.

She was 59 when she started bodybuilding. When she appeared on Steve Harvey's show in 2019 she was age 72. Check out her infectious energy and spirit.

And notice her beliefs as she talks.

"Age is just a number."

"It's never too late to start."

"I discovered through discipline, commitment, through doing the thing you want to do, age is a number."

She has structure, routine, and habits in place that serve her well. 

She has a healthy disregard for people telling her she can't do something. "They thought at 40 years old it was too late to get in shape." "You start getting in shape NOW."

I like her!!!

She competes at least 4-5 times every year and boasts over 400 trophies. "I never leave the stage without a first place trophy; or at least I place."

And she does open class - not by age!!!!!

Also notice the comments below the video - what she inspires in others.

One final quote from this beauty:

"We have to open ourselves to the belief, the potential we all have and not allow age to limit our power. POW!"

Well said, Josefina. Well said.

Now - go find someone who inspires YOU.

Today is the day to #GoForIt. #LiveDeliberately


Founder, Personal Evolution Co.

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