Your Most Valuable Real Estate the six inches between your







Why? What did you think I was going to say?

Your mind is your greatest piece of real estate.

What goes on in there drives what is manifested out in the physical world. Your thoughts become a reality.

So it makes sense to guard your thoughts with care.

I assume you already know about the placebo effect. It's when someone is given a "fake" medicine or treatment that still has a beneficial effect due to the...

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Reconciling Limiting Beliefs With Desired Outcomes

It's as certain as a math theorem.

Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality.

Conversely, when you set a goal to reach an outcome or result and your mind has some math (i.e. beliefs) that doesn't add up, you'll never hit that goal. Not when you're pushing to grow and be the next level you. 

You must reconcile your beliefs to be equal to your desired outcomes. Simple math.

And if you know me - you know I'm a total math geek. It was my favorite subject in school. Why? Because it was...

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Excuses...Busted. Destroyed. Defeated. And savagely.

Whatever it is you want to do...

  • Get in insane shape
  • Start a business
  • Retire early
  • Find your dream partner

...if you're feeling discouraged and like it will never happen, find someone else who has done what you want to do. SOMEONE has done it. And SOMEONE will inspire you. And probably have advice for you, too.

As my 49th birthday approaches I've been wanting to get in better shape. A series of injuries and life changes led to a few of my normal habits and routines changing and I'm not...

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The current situation could be a total mind f*ck if you let it

Many business owners and employees had their cash flow slow to a trickle...or completely dry up. And bills are stacking up. Those that had the foresight to save and are fortunate enough to have adequate savings are dipping into it to cover expenses. 

Yet others are doing okay financially. Normal to better for some. Their paychecks are still coming while working at home or being furloughed.

Some businesses are even booming right now because they meet very specific needs and the conditions...

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