Find Your Leadership Mojo


You want to be a better leader. Great!

What will it feel like when you're a leader with his or her mojo intact?

It will feel like satisfying the itch to make a difference.

You will have a deep sense of satisfaction.

You will know your life and work mattered.

You will feel fulfilled.

To be an inspiring leader, you must first be inspired.

How do you become this leader?

Becoming THAT leader starts with the desire to make a positive impact on people. That's followed by making a decision to do so. And that is followed by acquiring the mindset and skills to do so.

One of those skills is to coach. Part of coaching is to listen. Listen to what people are saying. Listen so you can read between the lines of what they're saying. And listen for what is not being said.

Look for the magic moments to help others have an "A-HA!" Help them think differently ad feel differently. The emotion 

Your job as a leader is to elevate.

Great leaders elevate everything they touch or come in contact with. They raise the vibration of the room and the whole company they work for.

Start with yourself. Then move on to your team, company, community, clients and customers and the people you ultimately serve with your product or service.

The production capability of your business is determined by the quality and well-being of the people doing the work and their capacity as a human being.

And the leader is responsible for looking out for them. They'll look after your clients.

When you can elevate the atmosphere of your whole company, you are a leader with mojo.

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.