Forging Your Personal Policies

It's BS to look at someone who has/does/is what you want to have/do/be and think "Oh it's easy for her; it comes easy to her."

Can I just be straight? (You know I will anyway.)

No, it doesn't. She has fears and doubts, too. She just takes action anyway. Consistently.

No matter how experienced one is regarding success, mindset, goals, and what have you, fear and doubt still creep up. It's just that the more successful and experienced a person is, the faster they deal with the fear and doubt so they can cast it aside and keep moving forward.

The successful ones don't get consumed by their doubts. They observe them like a cloud floating by or a wave rolling past. "Hmmm, look at that. That's interesting. Next?" 

The successful ones are unavailable for the drama of all of it. They get to work, instead.

Yeah, right you may be thinking. I get it but...

STOP! That's just it, no "BUTS!" PERIOD.

Woo! I get excited about this stuff. (When I get to this point in the conversation when on the phone with a client, I automatically get up and start pacing around my office, hands flailing, to burn off some of the excess energy escaping outta my head.)

If you still think you HAVE to be a victim of your emotions then you don't get it at all. And fear and doubt are just emotions plucked out of a bucket. Throw them back in like a bad white elephant gift.

Here's the HOW TO section

for those who are with me. 

Take doubts, fears and limiting beliefs, whether in or out of business, and list them out. Get them out of your head and onto your screen or paper. Then, counteract each one with a personal policy to override it. And have some fun with it. 

I give you some examples below.

Fear/Doubt/Limiting Belief Personal policy to counteract 
I just don’t know if I’ll ever get to _____. I don't like where I am and this feels like an uphill battle. My policy is I am not allowed to remain in any condition not suitable to my utter delight and happiness - financially, physically, or otherwise. I must act immediately to put the world right again.
I’m not sure I’ll ever develop a large, loyal, cult-like following.

The following policies are absolutes regarding my tribe:

1- Say what’s on my mind / say what I want to say no matter if anyone is listening or not - that’s what makes them listen. As a creator I am sworn to an oath. I am obligated to capture it and release it into the world.

2- I am unavailable to consider the possibility of people being oblivious to me or my message. See rule #1.

3- I tell the truth as I see it at the time. I speak with 100% certainty that I believe what I am saying. I clearly communicate what I believe and why.

4- I reserve the right to change said opinion and change course at any time in the future I deem desirable.

What if my content isn’t good and no-one wants to hear it? Policy: The energy around what I’m saying (the manner in which I'm speaking) supersedes the importance of the actual content being disseminated. 
I sometimes doubt that what I have to say is important enough for people to listen and/or care. In partnership with the policy and absolute belief above, the level of content must adhere to the strictest standard of being more important than a cat video. I pledge to uphold this standard; no exceptions.
I fear the possibility of failure when I’ve done everything in my power to make it work…and it still doesn’t. Policy: I 100%, with absolute certainty and resolve, command the universe to hear and oblige my plea for unmitigated success. I fully admit that failure does not even exist; it is but an illusion employed by those who decide to quit. Furthermore, failure is defined by me and only me. It is a condition I alone determine. And since it does not exist because the condition of quitting will never be present, I cannot experience it.
I worry my tribe isn’t big enough to hear what I’m saying or help me expand. It’s absolutely none of my business how all these people find me. I state my intentions and get to work.


I desire one of those gavels pictured above for my desk. And a crown. 👑Oh wait - I already have one of those. ðŸ‘¸ðŸ¼


Now that you know what typically bothers you and you have a personal policy to counteract each one, the next step is to train yourself to quickly NOTICE the fear and doubt.

When you notice the doubt creeping up, point to your policy and move on. The faster you NOTICE the negative energy, the faster you can get rid of it. 

Whatever your fear, your worry, your doubt, please don't let it stop you. The world needs you to do the thing you were built to do. Even if - especially if - it's scary.

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #LiveDeliberately.



Founder, Personal Evolution Co.

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