It was nine years ago when I Decided

I wrote this on my birthday.

Note to self: Self: don't look for pictures of birthday cake when you're hungry. 

It was nine years ago that I decided to become a life coach.

I wrote a letter to myself before I went on a trip to Death Valley -the lowest point on the continent. And once there, I ceremoniously read this letter aloud and put my flag in the ground, symbolically speaking, right there in the salt flats of Badwater Basin And then I toasted with a glass of champaign with my...

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Forging Your Personal Policies

It's BS to look at someone who has/does/is what you want to have/do/be and think "Oh it's easy for her; it comes easy to her."

Can I just be straight? (You know I will anyway.)

No, it doesn't. She has fears and doubts, too. She just takes action anyway. Consistently.

No matter how experienced one is regarding success, mindset, goals, and what have you, fear and doubt still creep up. It's just that the more successful and experienced a person is, the faster they deal with the fear and doubt so...

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Are You Proud of Yourself Tomorrow?

So many questions in people's minds right now...

What should I do?

Should I say this?

Should I write that?

How does our messaging change? Advertising?

What will people think if I...?

Is it wrong to focus on my personal development at a time like this?

In many ways...the virus changes everything. Yet, the virus changes nothing.

Here's what is (should be) constant and never-changing...YOU. Your values. Who you are at your core. 

Strategies? Yes. For many strategies are shifting and...

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