If you only knew what I'm really thinking


Oh my - sometimes I think it's a good thing no one knows what I'm really thinking! 😆

Or else or they'll think I'm crazy and don't have my act together! Especially my clients. Crap! What if they know I struggle with the same stuff they struggle with? Would I still be fit to coach them?

Short answer: YES, I am.

Who better to speak to how to deal with something than someone who deals with it or has dealt with it?

Longer answer: We have certain struggles that may never go away. Like - wondering if we're good enough, feeling overwhelmed at the amount of work we have to do, or wondering what people will think of us if we truly open up to them and show our vulnerability (which is actually a strength). Even when we know logically we are enough.

Knowing we're enough doesn't stop that voice of doubt from speaking up from time to time.

It's what we do after we hear it that matters.

Take today for example...

I'm feeling like doing one thing (a task) - but feel like I "should" do another. 

And then this thought process ensues...

What's the work that moves the needle? I need the needle to move. So then why am I drawn to this other task? And then that one?  Am I tying to "escape" and go into creative mode? After all, that's where I like to be. 🤔

What's bugging me about this so that I keep coming back to it? 

Clean, uncluttered space - that's what I like. I should get my board cleaned up. And my desk - wait I did that yesterday.

Is something else feeling cluttered and this is where I feel like I have control?

Why am I psycho-analyzing myself instead of getting work done?

Ok. Stop. Breathe.

Just sit with it for a minute versus wasting these precious few hours I have to work (I love my work; it's super important to me.)

Slow down.

[breathing, slowing down]

A-ha! I'm worried about having enough time to do what I need to do today.

[Not-so-side] Note: Gratitude...what a wonderful challenge to have! I love what I do so much that I want to do it ALL, right now, and can't decide what to do next because it's all so enticing.

Let me think...

Q: If I had plenty of time, what would I do next?

A: The needle-moving work I was avoiding.


Q: Why was I avoiding it and wanting to move on to the next task?

A: I didn't have a "good enough" idea for it to act on immediately.


Q: What's the question that always gets me going on this needle-moving work?

A: Ah yes...I remember. Let me start there.


And before you know it - it's done.

Just like that. Didn't take long. Didn't have to be hard. And I can move on to one of those other tasks that was catching my eye earlier. 🤠

Yes I'm a coach. Does that mean I ALWAYS have my stuff together? I must say - usually I do. 😜 But not ALWAYS.

ALWAYS is an absolute. It's a standard I, as a human being, cannot possibly live up to. Therefore it shouldn't be my standard or I'm doomed to fail - and oh, I do NOT like failing! Unless I'm failing forward and learning. But that's not the case when we set impossible standards. That's ongoing, impending, certain-to-happen every single time failure. Not cool.

So yes, I spar with the same things as many of you. I just look for the opportunity to throw the knockout punch. And because I look for and expect it, I almost always deliver it.

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.