Journaling to make it happen

Journaling is an authentication process. It's taking your dreams and aspirations out of your head and putting them on paper, therefore taking a step toward making them real. It makes them more concrete and gives you clarity.

And here is where many people totally miss the boat on this sweet deal.

Journaling isn’t a record of yesterday or today unless pulling on past resources and using them for your benefit today. Example: Remembering how you pushed through something difficult to get what you wanted, and in the process remembering who you are: a tough, driven individual who makes stuff happen! In that case pulling on the past works in your favor.

Journaling is a record - a history - of tomorrow and beyond. 

BOOM! That was good. Read that quotable again.

When I refer to journaling, I am not saying write a "Dear Diary" entry. It's not a recap of the day or a regurgitation of your blah current feelings or sad state of affairs. 

I'm not referring to a record of the past where you lament on and on about your problems, challenges and why your life sucks so bad. Nor am I talking about a place for you to worry about all the bad stuff that could happen (unless you're doing so intentionally so you can turn it around and find the more empowering beliefs.)

Who wants to wallow around in all that garbage? At that rate, journaling would be a total downer. I'm not into that. How 'bout you? I sincerely hope not.

Yes, you should journal what's on your mind - but more so from the idea of what you want to create. What's on your mind that you DO want for yourself? Focus where you're going; not where you've been. And then go crazy with all the what-if's. 

When I say journaling, I'm talking about a MANIFESTATION PROCESS.

What you write about (i.e. what you're focusing on) is what will happen in your life. 

Journaling is a focusing process. And a discovery process.

You're focusing on what you want - what you dream of. you write and think, you discover some things. You discover a-ha's, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that become available to you AS IF you've already done the work and achieved it in the real world.

It's freaking amazing! You should get you some of this cool-aid. Delicious!

If you're not journaling - you are missing out on one of life's true pleasures and most effective and inexpensive tools for creating your "Perfect 10" life.

I hereby issue you a challenge: journal every day for 21 days.

Stick with me. That's only 3 weeks. Nevertheless, long enough for you to notice a change and see some of the benefits.

I'll offer some help to get you started.

THESE GUIDELINES will make the biggest difference in making stuff happen for real.

Journal for however long you want to. There are no real rules here. Some days that may be 3-5 minutes. Other days - when you're in total flow with what's coming through you, it may look more like 30 minutes. You'll instinctively know when you're done.

Avoid writing in the future tense. This is HUGE!!!!!! When you write in the future tense, you're talking about stuff that hasn't happened yet and your big beautiful brain knows it. Meaning, you're still pushing it out into the future. It hasn't happened. And you get the mindset and the emotions to go with the frustration of that.

DO write in the present or past tense (about the future). What? State the future as if it's happening now or already happened. Example: I buy my dream house. I receive a new client. I am fit AF. I have an amazing weekend with my family. I instinctively knew what to do to get a $100K contract.

This is the bee's knees y'all! When you write in present and past tense, you get the benefit of FEELING what it's like. Your brain does NOT know the difference between real and make-believe when you write that way. You get to experience it as if it's already happened. And when you do THAT, you begin to act as the person who has already accomplished it. And when you do THAT, you become the person who has already done it. And when you do THAT, you actually DO become the person who is doing it. 👍😁

Make journaling non-negotiable. Be Consistent. To really see the benefit it needs to be a habit as regular as brushing your teeth. Half-ass effort gets you half-ass results. It's better than nothing but come on! You're better than that. 'Nuff said.

Use the same trigger every day. A trigger is something you already do every day used to spur an activity you want to do next. Examples are getting up, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, eating breakfast (if you're a breakfast eater), getting dressed. Tack on your journaling to something specific so it easily becomes part of your routine.

Find your spot. Decide, in advance, where you'll be doing your journaling. Preferably a non-distracting area where you can write or type. I prefer writing. However, when I travel, I use my laptop and have a separate file/journal there. I like to travel lite(-ish) and don't want the weight and space-suck of my journal. 

BONUS: Put your journal in the same place every time so it's easy to find and use - perhaps where you will be doing your journaling. ??!!

Now...go forth and prosper.

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #LiveDeliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.