Reconciling Limiting Beliefs With Desired Outcomes

It's as certain as a math theorem.

Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality.

Conversely, when you set a goal to reach an outcome or result and your mind has some math (i.e. beliefs) that doesn't add up, you'll never hit that goal. Not when you're pushing to grow and be the next level you. 

You must reconcile your beliefs to be equal to your desired outcomes. Simple math.

And if you know me - you know I'm a total math geek. It was my favorite subject in school. Why? Because it was total logic. There's a right answer and everything else is a wrong answer. No middle ground. Yes, I like the logic puzzles, too.

HOW do you reconcile your beliefs?

Think of it more like alignment. You must align your beliefs with your desired outcomes. 

But Stacie, they're my BELIEFS! How do I just...just...change them?

Well, if your'e asking THAT question, great! It means you believe you can change them. 

After all, beliefs are just a feeling of certainty that something is true. So all you need to do to change your beliefs is to create more certainty that something else is true.

You need an A-HA, a breakthrough. You need to come to a conclusion that you haven't come to before. That means seeing a possibility you haven't seen before, or have forgotten. And it's waiting. You already have it somewhere in your mind. It's waiting to be discovered. 

This process will help you align one to the other.

First - get what's in your head out and on paper or screen. As long as all this mumbo jumbo is floating around in your head you will be stuck in an endless loop like Major William Cage, Tom Cruise's character in Edge of Tomorrow. Good movie BTW.

So capture your thoughts. And then self-coach, start to have a conversation with yourself.

If you're the type that would rather drink bleach than write or talk about you feelings, then consider this a surgical procedure with great purpose, because it is. 

Here's how to start. 

Write/type a sentence something like...I'm having resistance to / feeling stuck around creating x. What's this all about?

And then start listing all your fears, doubts, apprehensions, etc. I want to x BUT...

Super important - NO FILTER. Let yourself get pissy, or whatever else comes up. You have this voice in your head anyway. Let her have her 2 seconds of fame so you can deal with her.

Let the words and thoughts free flow. Some of what you write will be factual. Some fear, doubt, and/or limiting beliefs. 

If you like to use highlighters and colored pens, you'll love my system (below) for sorting this out - feel free to steal it and make it yours.

Then, read what you wrote. And whenever you see something that is a limiting belief, turn the type red. (This is why I prefer typing over physical pen and paper.) You may also insert words and sentences when you read something that lets you know what the limiting belief behind it is. 

Every time you see a limiting belief or something you recognize as just a story (when two facts don't add up to a factual conclusion) make it red. Red = danger. Red = stop. Red = flag on the play.

You're looking for anything that sounds like I can't have a chicken until I have an egg. But I can't have an egg without a chicken. See? Sounds hopeless. No options are obvious when stated like that. 

Now start to poke holes in your theory, like you're all of a sudden arguing for the other side. Look for the other truths you haven't yet spoken out loud, the truths the other side would argue. And type those in green. Green = GO. Green = spring. Green = growth. Green = abundance.

You're looking for evidence that your original story isn't true, or isn't the whole truth. Evidence is always available when you look for it. 

Finally, type out your new, more empowering belief(s) in bright-ass PINK. Pink - celebration. Pink = smiles. Pink = confetti. Pink = happy.

Now...aligned? Reconciled? Great. 

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #LiveDeliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.


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