The current situation could be a total mind f*ck if you let it

Many business owners and employees had their cash flow slow to a trickle...or completely dry up. And bills are stacking up. Those that had the foresight to save and are fortunate enough to have adequate savings are dipping into it to cover expenses. 

Yet others are doing okay financially. Normal to better for some. Their paychecks are still coming while working at home or being furloughed.

Some businesses are even booming right now because they meet very specific needs and the conditions are ripe. 

If things are going bad for you...could be a total mind f*ck.

If things are going okay or even great for you...could be a total mind f*ck. Yes - for you, too. It wouldn't be the first time someone felt guilty for succeeding when so many others are falling on tough times.

Is your first instinct to call a friend with news of your windfall, or post it on social media? But you find yourself lately keeping your good news to yourself out of sensitivity for what others are going through? Yes??? See...mind f*ck.

I'm not saying it would be right or wrong to shout your good news from the mountaintop. Just pointing out that you're thinking about whether or not you should.

And I haven't even touched on the challenges facing professions like in the medical / health care field. God bless them!

All of us are experiencing social and emotional challenges unheard of prior to this pandemic. 

And...other than sit at home...what can we do if we don't have one of those "essential" jobs?

What you can do is keep your head in the game.

Focus toward your future and what you want to do when we round the corner. Even if the city block got stretched out and our new normal is going to last a little longer than we won't last forever. Our cities and streets are going to open back up at some point. We will round the corner and head back toward the emotional, social, and economic prosperity we were experiencing before we knew what COVID 19 is.

Your job is to not lose sight of that.

Your job is to keep your head in the game.

Your job is to remain standing while the battle is raged.

Your job is to avoid the mind f*ck.

If you find yourself sliding anyway...stop and pay attention to what triggers you.

What thought, belief, or habit leads you into that space?

If it's a habit (like watching the news nonstop) - change it. Plain and simple. 100% in your control. Knock it off if you slide into the mind f*ck when you do it. Make a commitment to replace it with something else for a stated period of time, preferably 30 days. But start with 7 if you must, or 3.

If it's a thought...Just observe it like it's floating by. You don't have to stick your frog-tongue out and grab it like it's a fly. Just say to yourself..."That's an interesting thought. Hmmm." [Now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.] You are not your thoughts. They are separate and apart from you. You can notice them - surf them - and them get back to what you want to do.

If it's a belief...Challenge it or just change it. Challenge it by asking "Is that really true?" Ask yourself for evidence that it's true. Facts, not opinions, please. Find something you could use in a court of law. Nothing the gavel could deem argumentative. Not enough evidence to convict? You're probably ready to let go of it. If by chance you do see evidence, look for more that says it's not true.

To change it write the belief on the left side of a piece of paper. Explain it. You might have several mini-beliefs under it. List them all out. Once your list is complete, argue with yourself. State the opposite on the right side of the page. Each argument must have an equally or more compelling argument on the right. Allow your emotional self to gravitate to the new beliefs. Your brain will follow.

Keep your head in the game by being your own leader. Keep your head in the game by not falling into the doom and gloom that is just as threatening as the virus itself.

Look for the daily victories. Appreciate and share them. Be safe. Be well.

I will always believe that today is the day to #GoForIt and Live Deliberately.

Want someone to hold your feet to the fire but hold your hand while they're doing it? If you need accountability or help getting un-stuck, working with a kick-ass coach is a game-changer. 

Being a leader can be lonely, especially during challenging times. You need someone with a keen ear to hear what's really stopping you from having what you want, break those patterns, and help steer you in the right direction. You need to focus on what you want, develop an effective plan and execute that plan at maximum velocity.

The only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves (or allow others to place on us).

Having the right coach is priceless in the crusade to push past your limits and discover what's possible. Are you ready to get started?

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