Vision Boards for Inspiration

The possibilities are endless.

That's one reason I love doing vision boards. They help put me in a creative mood. Then I can decide which goals are important to me and #GoForIt.

They're super-simple to create. I like to use Just choose a grid and start populating with photos that inspire you. You can upload your own pics or use stock photography.

Once you have inspiration, you can ask yourself,

"What is it about those photos that you want to mimic in your own life?"

Is it the fresh air from a fall hike?

Is it the joy of bringing fall into your home?

Is it relaxation you're after?


A fall get-a-way?

Strategizing your fourth-quarter business plans over coffee?

Once you have a good idea about what inspired you, you can start to set goals that will give you the same feeling you have in your pictures.

You know the drill...

Make them SMART (Specific, Measureable, Actionable, Reasonable, Timed).

Sometimes this is as simple as booking a cozy room in a lovely mountain town. One (action) and done.

Other times, more complex. Those require mapping it out and putting action items on your calendar.

Either way, vision boards are a great way to light the fire of inspiration.

TIP: Print them out and put them where you'll see them, like your calendar or bulletin board, for instance.