How to Make Sure You Hit Your 2023 Goals

Manifesting starts NOW!

It's the ideal time to set your sights on next year.


Let's face it - The holidays get super-busy. And it starts with Thanksgiving.

...Big meals



...Wrapping presents


...More big meals

Followed by...

...Taking the decorations down

...Putting away all your awesome gifts and/or making returns

Then New Year's.

...More parties/meals/celebrations.


And somewhere in this mess your'e supposed to set...

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When to Drop the Hustle

It's easy to get confused about what to "GO FOR" next. Can you relate?

I've spent the last year doing less and being more. It has felt a little odd. Ok, more like totally out of my skin if I'm being honest. 

I am used to a fast pace; always having the next "thing" in sight. That's what all the self-help gurus tell you, right? Always have a compelling future. Before you complete one goal, know what the next goal is so you don't fall into a state of being "down." And...

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What Life Will You Create This Year?

I know...

THE most popular goal-setting day of the year is here! And an achiever like you knows the drill in how to set a goal. After all, this isn't your first rodeo!


But do you sometimes feel like you are OVER this "set new goals" thing?

Does the mere thought of creating a long list of things to do make you want to roll your eyes?

I admit, sometimes I feel that way. When I look at individual goals for the sake of creating goals, it feels like a chore.

So...if you're in that boat...

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Vision Boards for Inspiration

The possibilities are endless.

That's one reason I love doing vision boards. They help put me in a creative mood. Then I can decide which goals are important to me and #GoForIt.

They're super-simple to create. I like to use Just choose a grid and start populating with photos that inspire you. You can upload your own pics or use stock photography.

Once you have inspiration, you can ask yourself,

"What is it about those photos that you want to mimic in your own life?"

Is it the...

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Are you using the best 3 letter words to ask the best questions?

Which three-letter words am I talking about?

How? Why? and Who?

So often we ask "how" questions. It starts at a very young age. "How do I spell this word?" "How do I brush my teeth?" "How do I tie my shoe?"

"How" questions are strategy questions. And strategies are a dime a dozen. You can find the answer to any question, 24/7, without even leaving your couch thanks to the power of the internet. 

Success in business, and in life, is 80% mindset (psychology) and 20% strategy.

If you want...

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