When quitting is the right thing to do

It's not often you'll hear me to tell you to quit.  But sometimes - you SHOULD quit! One such time is when you're PUSHING to get through your day, when it just feels like an uphill struggle.

Pushing and forcing is not effective or efficient. It leads to subpar performance and work - not your game. 

If you find you are pushing - that it's an uphill kind of day, or worse - week or month... STOP! QUIT that! Put it down. Walk away. It's time to regroup. THAT is the best use of your time.

Aim to be PULLED to something, not to be PUSHED to something.

Be deliberate about the energy, emotions and state you are using. 

Stop and do the work to get back to the state you need to be in. That's not a waste of time or woowoo [insert magic fingers wiggling]. And if you think it is - get over yourself. This is where the magic really is.

Don't you want to bag that low-energy BS anyway? I don't believe that's where you really want to live emotionally.  No? Then spend a few minutes to lock in the part of you that is excited, passionate and ready to meet your day. The highly-focused, passionate, creative, energetic part of you that wants more. THAT's who needs to be running the show. Every. Single. Day.

Clients who actually do this are amazed. They say it's fun. They report being more productive. They feel energized. And these are people who are playing at a VERY HIGH LEVEL in business and life. They don't make excuses. They just stop and get this done and then get back to work. This IS the work that allows them to do the work. Get it?

High-level players will stop and adjust when they rate themselves at a 9 out of 10 on state management.

Let that sink in.

A 9 out of 10 just isn't good enough. 

How does this play out in the real world? How do they do it? What are the steps?

The answer for you could contain one or more of the following:

  • Journal I am, I have, I [do] statements. Every. Single. Day. Start your day this way. And regroup throughout the day with this activity as needed.
  • Create and use clear language patterns. When any little hint of doubt, fear, negativity, worry or other less-than-optimal emotion creeps in, tap into the beliefs that serve you that are ultimate truths and auto correct your language immediately. Reset yourself.
  • Have a health and fitness routine that works for you. Enough said.
  • Chant (either to yourself or outloud) what you want to have/do/be as if it's already happened. See yourself as that already - it's your identity and DNA.
  • Lock your mind down and be unavailable for anything short of what you want. Be relentless in this pursuit. It's your standard. End of story. No compromise.
  • Include transition times in your day to change yourself energetically to match the outcome or task coming up.

No thinking this isn't for me. No thinking you should be beyond having to do this at your stage. Obviously you're not beyond it or your life would be perfect. You'd be a 10 out of 10 all day every day without exception and you would want for nothing else. Of course, then you'd be bored and you'd want more. Ha!

See - you're never beyond it.

Clarification: High-level players are not in the SAME emotional state all the time - yet they are at a 10 in whatever state they need at the moment.

Listen - the same emotional response isn't always appropriate. You would have to have zero emotional intelligence and sensor acuity to pull on the same emotion all the time. You wouldn't show up at a football game and a funeral the same way. 

Furthermore, with no emotional variety you would be bored and that state would lose its appeal eventually.

The stand-out intuitively senses what is needed energetically and does that energy. At a 10. And 10 doesn't mean loud or over the top either. It means being all in and giving what is called for.

Check yourself throughout the day. 

What do you notice? Are you harnessing the right energy and emotions to help you show up the way you want in business and life? 

This is where the magic is. Simple? Yes. Will you step up and do it? THAT is the million dollar question. 

Take the time to do the work that allows you to do the work. Ignore this at your peril.

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #Live Deliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.