When Will You See It?

That all the pieces are already there?

Are they? you may be asking.

You think "If I could just...

  • Learn this technique.
  • Understand that strategy.
  • Do what so-and-so is doing.
  • Get some experience doing X.
  • Do [this].
  • Figure out [that].

...I'd be able to get to the next level which would allow me to get to the NEXT level and the NEXT...and then MAYBE all that would add up to the life I really want...which is X."

My dear...when will you see that you can skip to X a lot quicker than you think?

There are two things - and ONLY 2 things - that could possibly be holding you back: skillset and/or mindset.

Are there skills you need to have the life you really want? Perhaps so! So then go get them. Don't delay any longer. Today is the day to #GoForIt.

But beware...so often we put a lot of BS in our way that doesn't really need to be there.

And what we really need is to just do the damn thing we want to do. The longer you delay the further away it gets.The only way to catch up is to #JustDoIt. Even if you think you're not ready. You're probably NOT ready. 🙃😝😩 When are we ever genuinely ready for a big leap?

Have you ever heard someone describe the difference between Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors?

I remember this from my high school days although I couldn't tell you from whom it came.

Freshmen don't know that they don't know.
Sophomores know they don't know.
Juniors don't know that they know.
Seniors know that they know.

When you consider that thing you've been wanting to have/do/achieve - where are you in the continuum above?

Here's how you know if you're ready to take the big scary leap you've been considering

If you're a Freshmen...start putting some time in. Read, learn, grow. Ask around. Dip your big toe in. Just get started! It's okay if it looks, messy or random. Take action with the intent to learn and set some habits in place. Don't worry too much about the outcomes at this point although you should be developing some ideas here and at least a minimal level of detail about what you want eventually. You may think strategy is super important, but it isn't. Mindset is important. Have a sense of curiosity and adventure and get going. Don't get bogged down in the details. Build some momentum toward whatever it is you want.

If you're a Sophomore...you're starting to know what skills you really need to acquire, which ones would be nice to have, and which ones don't really matter at all. Put the time in to get the skills you need. This will serve you in big and small ways. The learning never stops but what you need at each stage of the game probably will. Always have a keen eye on making the distinction of what you most need to be learning. Strategy is important for you at this stage. Mindset is important, too - as always. Without mindset, strategy won't matter one iota. Heck - you may not even seek strategy without mindset.

If you're a junior...I have a special place in my heart for you. You have IT; you just don't see it yet. I am itching to talk to you. I get tingly just thinking about working with you. No joke! My eyes twinkle when I meet you. 🤩 If you suspect you are a junior then you ARE one. LISTEN UP! You have everything you need to get THAT THING you want to have/do/achieve. Mindset is always important in all of these levels. And at THIS level mindset is a major factor. Skillset takes a backseat and mindset becomes 95% of the battle. It is time for you to step up and claim your power and your future. N:OW is the time to leap - seriously big and scary leaps. No one else but YOU can advance you to senior status. YOURS is the only signature needed on your permission slip. RISE and get to work!

If you're a senior...my heart swells with pride when I talk to you. I am genuinely happy for you and respect your journey getting here, whatever it was, because I know it wasn't easy. 👊R-E-S-P-E-C-T! 👊 I love talking to you because I know there is a whole other level waiting for you. Keep doing the work. You may question at times whether you're really a senior or a freshmen or sophomore in disguise. You will still get discouraged. You will still have fear and doubt. Keep doing the work. You are preparing for bigger things...maybe even to become a freshmen again at a bigger school. Keep your eye to the future, keep dreaming, and remember to enjoy and celebrate today as well. 

No matter where you are today you can now see the map ahead.

To make the quickest gains in life look for the areas where you're a junior. You can jump light years ahead by #deciding you're actually a senior in disguise as a junior. 😉😘

The above is a great analogy for you to check in and assess where you are and know what you need next. Please drop me a line and let me know how I can support you in your journey.


Founder, Personal Evolution Co.