Writing Your Come-Back Story

It's hard to really wrap your head around just how much money $1 trillion is. Let's equate it to time to give you a better idea.

If $1 was a second...

$100K (seconds) = 28 hours

$1 Million (seconds) = 12 days

$1 Billion (seconds) = 32 years

$1 Trillion (seconds) = 31,689 years

Our government has thrown over $6 trillion at the Coronavirus, according to the Washington Post - over 190,134 years to follow along with the above $1 = 1 second time analogy.

What does that has to do with anything? Nothing. I just find it to be a staggering statistic. 🤯

Perhaps you are facing a situation in your life that feels staggering to you.

And you're trying to wrap your head around it.

Q: Where do you start?

Short A: Start where you are.

Accept that the facts are the facts and you must pick up right where you are.

Give up the ghosts of this shouldn't have happened and this isn't fair. Give up the anger and resentment. Give up living in yesteryear. None of that will help you now. Giving time and attention to those sound bites forms a narrative that will only slow or altogether prevent your progress.

What Who are you to argue it shouldn't be? is. So, obviously it was meant to be.

Every day you wallow in negative emotions is a day you lose creating the future to do want.

And for have no one to blame but yourself. 

Sorry if the "straight-talk" offends. It's not meant to.

What IS meant is to help you put your focus toward the future you DO want, toward "what's next?" You can best do that when free of the negative emotions. 

So, what IS next? The writing of your comeback story.

State the facts - without the drama or negativity. Don't put a narrative to it yet. Don't color it better or worse. Don't make it mean anything for the future. Just write out the facts. Historical data makes for a great story. The greatest stories have a hint of truth in them.

Now write your come-back story. Create the vision of what you want in the future. Put in a positive narrative for the future. Go gang-busters. No holding back. What a great journaling exercise [hint hint]. Write the story you want told to your great-great-grandchildren.

Get to work making it happen. Jump into your come-back story and act it out. Be open to the specifics of the story changing and evolving. 

That's the basic framework.

Now, what could mess all this up?

  • Reverting back to the old I feel sorry for myself, what happened wasn't fair story. We've already established this is garbage.
  • Not being excited by the new vision. If so, go back to the drawing board and create a comeback story you DO get excited about, not the one you just thought was low-hanging fruit and easy to obtain, AKA the reasonable one you know you can actually create. [YAWN🥱] Create the story that makes your eyes as big as saucers, the one that even surprises YOU.
  • Not believing the new story is possible. Okay - this one is trickier and requires ongoing work. You have to be committed to doing the work that allows you to do the work. Said differently, you must do the daily mindset work like journaling, meditating, incanting, etc. that allows you to believe it's possible and as good as ✅done. If this seems like too big a jump - you're not ready to believe it just yet - then slowly bring yourself around to the idea. In this case you sill have to do the daily work but it looks a little different. Instead of just starting out the gate with I have/do/am/get x, start with "I'm open to x" or "I'd like to have x." When that feels aligned and believable, move up to "I will have x." "I'm creating x." "X is coming." Work your way up to manifestation gold statements like "I have x" as if it really has already happened. Reality will catch up. 
  • Getting easily discouraged when the results don't happen immediately. While understandable...oh good grief. Who am I trying to fool? It's NOT understandable. It's bougie. If this is you...IMMEDIATELY get back on the horse moving toward the future the MILLI-SECOND you realize this. 
  • Not doing the work. Not taking the action needed to accomplish said x? To which I ask "Why not? What prevents?"

Now you know how to wrap your head around any situation and act from the mindset of the legendary leader you decided to become. You did decide, didn't you? 

Today is the day to #GoForIt. #LiveDeliberately


Founder, Personal Evolution Co.

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