Your Unique Balance Point

Ever get "the look" from someone when you're sharing up your hopes and dreams? 

Said "look" implying that they either disagree, want something different, or think you're crazy for wanting THAT?

It can cause you to doubt yourself. Maybe I want too much? Maybe I want too little? How much should I want???

You are who you and it's more than "okay" that you want what you want.

You don't have to desire "as much" or "as little" as anyone else.

You can want what's "just right" for you, Goldilocks.

Your dream may be owning a multi-million dollar corporation, a mansion, fancy cars and a body guard. Or it may be a tiny house where you can live wherever you want , whenever you want, with minimal financial obligations. 

We all have a perfect "balance point." It reflects what we want and what we're willing to do to get it so that we enjoy the journey.

YOU get to define what success, achievement, and happiness means to you. 

There is a balance point that is perfect for you and you don't owe anyone an explanation for it. 

Although, I do want to be clear about one thing...

It doesn't have to be "hard" to be where you want to be.

People don't necessarily want "less" because they think it's too hard.

Having your dream can be "easy" in that it's the perfect path for you and therefore feels "easy." "Easy" because it's exciting, fun, thrilling, and allows you to grow, expand, and be even more of who you are.

The key is to be consistent and persistent at being YOU, whatever path and pace you choose. Lose the temptation to "do it" like someone else or "be like" someone else. You'll never be excited to persist with that. And it will take persistence to get where you want to go. Half-ass efforts yield half-ass results.

You get to choose every single day how much you do, how fast you do it, and what you do. 

But I have obligations you say?

Your obligations are merely choices you reluctantly said yes to. They are still choices.

At the end of your day, celebrate the fact that it was a day you lived EXACTLY the way you wanted to, top to bottom. YOUR choices. ✅ And you get to choose again tomorrow.

Amen to that!

Today is the day to #GoForIt and #LiveDeliberately.

Founder, Personal Evolution Co.

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